Floral How-To | October’s Floral Arrangement

I love a good organic bunch of flowers…

When I was thinking about October’s flower post and doing a little research for inspiration, I felt like I could go full-on FALL (oranges, reds, yellows) or I could do something that felt like fall through warm colors and textures, but that would also really flow with our home.

Dear Keaton blue & white vase (20% off with the code AshleyBrooke) // overalls // white t-shirt // flower shears

I’ve made the mistake before of putting together a really beautiful arrangement for it to not actually look good in our home once it’s complete. Does that make sense?! Like the flowers are pretty, but they don’t flow with the vibe of the house and become super distracting. Has that ever happened to you? Especially since our kitchen is green, I have to be color cautious as to not make the whole situation clash.

Our cabinets are a warm green, so I tend to try and stay in the warm tones when it comes to flowers and have found over the years that I really like a more organic look to my arrangement. I try to remember this when I’m buying flowers so I don’t feel super overwhelmed by the process! All flowers are pretty, but what flowers will look the best in the environment they will be living in? Always something I try to keep in mind!

Anyways, when I was flower shopping at Trader Joe’s I had the fall season in mind, but also my kitchen!

What I Bought From Trader Joe’s (Total $40.37)

4 bunches of Green Dragon Lepidium

1 bunch of Veronica

1 large bunch of Chrysanthemum

2 bunches of stock

2 bunches of Sweet William Dianthus

Floral Arrangement How-To
Step 1: Add greenery.

I bought a ton of this greenery, and I’m glad I did. I wanted to use it as a base for the arrangement and to act as floral foam almost, so that any flower I placed in the greenery stayed exactly where I put it!

Step 2: Add the largest flower.

I was really going for “just picked out of an English field” kind of vibe so none of the flowers I chose were too big or too smooth in texture. I wanted to keep it all feeling very organic.

Step 3: Add accent flowers.

For the next few steps, I just added in accent flowers. I purchased a few accent flowers in a the same shades of purple, again giving the arrangement a very organic feel!

Step 4: Add another round of accent flowers.

Love the way these lighter pink stock flowers give this a pop of color!

Step 3: Add berries.

I finished the arrangement with a few pieces of Veronica to give it a bit of whimsy and height.

Step 4: Enjoy!

LOVE these colors together!

Voila! I just love the way this arrangement came together. Feels very organic and very pretty!

I love sharing these tips on how to arrange flowers, and I hope it gets your creative ideas flowing. If it does, I’d LOVE to see what you come up with! Make sure to tag me on Instagram so I can re-share.

Happy arranging, friends! xx


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