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Makes the best gift and is super easy…

It’s been a while since I’ve shared a floral how-to, but this one is just so good and EASY, so I had to share. A few months ago I made a reel on this little orchid trick (see here) and I just felt like this little DIY needed its own time to shine because it truly is one of my favorite gift ideas!

dress // necklace // orchid pot, vintage (similar here)

I love gifting orchids because they last much longer than cut flowers, and truthfully, there is nothing more elegant than a white orchid, in my opinion. But the really, the fun part comes in with the pot! My favorite thing to do is to head to my local antique shop and do a little treasure hunting to find a pot with a bit of personality, like this one!

You can also scour Etsy for some fun finds like this, this, and this blue one. Because not only does the orchid become the gift, but then so does the pot! Plus it’s really fun to find one that matches the receivers aesthetic.

Anyway, this DIY could not be easier, I promise!

What You Need
  • orchid (I picked mine up at the grocery store)
  • green moss
  • planter / pot
Potted Orchid How-To
Step 1: Place Orchid in Pot

Depending on how big your pot is you can either stuff paper in the pot to keep the orchid secure, or if it fits snuggly, just place the orchid in the pot!

Step 2: Add Moss

And then to finish, just add moss all around the base of the orchid, and voila! You have a designer orchid in two easy steps!

Vintage Orchid Pots

I know you’re laughing because it’s so simple, but try it! I’d LOVE to see what you come up with! Make sure to tag me on Instagram so I can re-share.

Happy potting, friends! xx

Photography by Sally Watson


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