Floral How-To | September’s Party Bouquets

Three is better than one!

This month’s how-to arrange flowers post is so special! Last weekend we threw Ryan’s mom a *surprise* birthday party and I was in charge of the flowers… which I was thrilled about. We ended up doing an elevated southern BBQ theme at home for the party, so I wanted the flowers to feel the same way.

I wanted the arrangement to have just a touch of fall, but also super feminine and happy! So instead of one big arrangement, we thought it might be better to fill the entire table with flowers and candles, and three arrangements felt perfect. I love the way they turned out and how they helped set the mood for a night of celebrating!

how to arrange flowers
vases (similar here) // white t-shirt // denim

For this project, I picked up the flowers at my favorite local wholesale flower shop, Orlando Flower Market. And anyone can purchase flowers here! You don’t have to have a wholesale license, and the selection is always bigger and better than your typical super market.

ashley brooke flowers
My little helper! baby seat
vase (similar here) // pitcher // pruning shears // seagrass tray // blue & white vase

If you don’t live in the Orlando area, just Google “wholesale florist” for your area and give them a ring. Usually you can order exactly what you want ahead of time, which makes the whole process even more seamless. For parties, I always go to Orlando Flower Market. Definitely give it a go if you are local!

What I Bought From Orlando Flower Market

3 sets of spray roses (purple, dark pink, and light pink)

2 bunches of gerber daisies

2 bunches of pink garden dahlias

1 bunch of purple garden dahlias

2 bunches of berries

1 bunch of greenery

1 block of aqua foam

3 white vases

Floral Arrangement How-To

Quick note! I ended up using aqua foam for this project and I’m really glad I did. I knew I’d have to transfer the flowers for the party, so I wanted them to feel really sturdy and full, and aqua foam always helps. Plus, it gives you so much freedom with placement since the foam really will hold the flowers in place while you work. It was essential for me because I was creating the three arrangements and wanted them to turn out almost the exact same. (Definitely an easy how-to arrange flowers trick!)

how to arrange flowers
Step 1: Separate the flowers.

Since I had three arrangements to create, I wanted to make sure each had the same-ish amount of flowers so I didn’t get to the end and have one sad looking minimal-flower vase!

how to arrange flowers
Step 2: Add the Aqua Foam.

Before placing the foam in the vases, I soaked the foam in a large bucked, so that each piece was fully saturated. Then I cut and placed the pieces inside the vases.

how to arrange flowers
Step 3: Main flowers first!

I had the most of these pretty light pink dahlias, so I used them as my base (or main flower). I started each vase the same way for a bit of symmetry before getting a little creative!

how to arrange flowers
Step 4: Pop flowers next.

Next, I placed the dark purple dahlias in the foam… and I love the color pop these added!

how to arrange flowers
Step 3: Add berries.

Next up, berries… aren’t they cute!? Love the texture they bring!

how to arrange flowers
Step 4: Pop more flowers!

And for my last step, I filled in everything. Now that the structure and base of each arrangement was in place, I just added in flowers and greenery all over the place. It was a great way to at whimsy and, of course, fullness!

how to arrange flowers

Voila! I just love the feminine fall vibe and I think I need more arrangements just like these!

I love sharing these tips on how to arrange flowers, and I hope it gets your creative ideas flowing. If it does, I’d LOVE to see what you come up with! Make sure to tag me on Instagram so I can re-share.

Happy arranging, friends! xx


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  1. Been thinking of you & your little family & your extended family. Hope y’all are doing well. Thank you for the tutorial. How do you cut the aqua foam once it has been soaked? I’ve never used foam so I have no idea how the cutting is done.

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