Framed Hermes Scarf - Ashley Brooke Designs
Framed Hermes Scarf - Ashley Brooke of

Let’s Frame It!

This past Valentine’s Day Ryan surprised me with a beautiful vintage Hermés scarf. After my initial FREAK OUT over the beautiful gift I started to brainstorm how I could display it. I couldn’t bare the thought of it folded up in my closet or collecting dust on my vanity, so we decided the only suitable thing would be to frame it! 

Side note: If you’re looking for a vintage Hermés scarf, try Exquisite Artichoke on ETSY, One King’s Lane VINTAGEThe Real Real, or eBay.

Framed Hermes Scarf - Ashley Brooke of
Framed Hermes Scarf - Ashley Brooke of

Framing a vintage scarf (and one that was extra special to me) seemed daunting. How would you even go about getting it done? Would the scarf get damaged in the process? How would it lay flat in the frame and not wrinkle? Clearly I was less than confident in the process… 

After much research we got in touch with our friends over at Framebridge. If you haven’t used or heard about Framebridge, I am getting ready to change your life. Framebridge is a custom framing company where you can either upload a photo or artwork (which we did here!), send it in, or just purchase art online and have it framed and sent to your home hassle free. Friends, no lie, it’s amazing!

After telling them all about our project they assured me that they could absolutely make my scarf framing dreams come true. So I boxed it up and shipped it out! A few short weeks later this MASSIVE boxed showed up at our door step and it was all I could do to not tear it open like a kid on Christmas morning. 

We were both blown away by the quality and how well it was assembled! The scarf was in perfect condition and the frame only enhanced its beauty! I am so happy with the way the finished piece turned out. Honestly, besides Ryan and Lucy, it’s my favorite thing in our house. 

Where to Buy a Vintage Hermés Scarf

Ryan bought this one from eBay, but he did tons of research and told me these are a few great places to find them. Do some shopping around because they can range in price!!

Etsy (my favorite!)

One King’s Lane VINTAGE

The Real Real



Framed Hermes Scarf - Ashley Brooke of
Framed Hermes Scarf - Ashley Brooke of

Framing a Scarf

For full disclosure, I partnered with Framebridge on this project and did not have to foot the bill of the scarf framing (but I did buy the scarf!). With that said, framing something like this as a DIY is not as easy as it sounds. The larger the item, the more difficult it is. There’s definitely something to having a professional framer handle the whole thing.

Option 1: Framebridge

This is the least stressful and easiest way to go. The process is probably even more involved than below and definitely takes considerable time and materials. Here’s what Framebridge does after you send them your piece:

  • Iron/remove wrinkles in the scarf.
  • Mount on foam board.
  • Build a custom frame.
  • Package and freight ship a giant box across the country so it’s not damaged.
  • Cost for 32×32″ and smaller scarf is $199. A 35×35″ scarf is considered oversized and has to be custom made (ours was) for $699.

NOTE: There are 3 sizes to Hermés scarves: 17×17″, 24×24″, and 35×35″. So you can easily bring the cost down by going with a smaller size. This is something we learned after the fact!

Option 2: DIY

One method I’ve seen people use is to buy trim/moulding from Lowes or Home Depot and build a custom frame. You would also need to custom cut plexiglass or glass to fit the frame in addition to painting, mounting on a large piece of foam board, and adding mounting hardware. I have not tried this (or made Ryan try, ha!), but it is not technically out of the question.

If you’re handy or your spouse is and you decide to do it this was, PLEASE let me know and post a picture in the comments!

Option 3: Get quotes from a Framer

For the highest quality, you can check with a custom framer in your area. It may be worth doing some google searches! There’s also Michaels, Hobby Lobby, or Jo-Ann Fabric. Don’t forget to grab one of their 40% or 50% off coupons before you go!


P.S. Like I mentioned on Monday, we are now going to re-paint our dining room, so as soon as we’ve got that whole situation taken care of, I’ll show you what it really looks like hanging up in all it’s Hermès glory! 

Frame gifted from Framebridge.





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  1. This looks so beautiful. how much of a border did you leave around the scarf? What were the dimensions of the final framed piece? Thank you!!

  2. Hi Ashley, I am planning to frame two Herm̬s scarfs, one Рsilk and another Рwool with fringe. I am using double sided tape and have the frames ready. Do you have any suggestions on how to handle the fringe on one of the scarfs? Thanks in advance!

  3. They pinned it?!? I had one from 1967 (in pristine condition) professionally framed after the company I chose assured me they would not damage the scarf in any way. I am surprised a professional firm would “pin” something. Holes damage a scarf’s integrity and beauty even more than stains. I got excited about this post until I got to that part. Too bad. I’m going to frame some more of them and have moved since then so searching for a framing option in new city.

    • Charlene-
      There are special ball-point silk pins. I would hope they used those.
      They have a ball tip to prevent snagging. This is actually the most fabric friendly, reversible method of mounting.

        • I would also not put it directly on the mat but on fabric covered baking as it’s a textile … and make sure there’s space between the glass, again as it’s a textile and can get mold. And def would use UV glass so it doesn’t fade. But I’m stuck on how to mount it. I don’t want to pin and I’m seeing that high end framers sew it to the fabric which seems worse unless they can stitch in the seams?

  4. Hi Ashley,

    I contacted Framebridge and they told me the cannot custom make a frame for a 35×35 scarf. I was super disappointed especially since this post said they can. They said the larges frame they have is 34×40. Just wanted to let you know. Your scarf looks lovely though!!

    • Hi Vanessa,
      Thank you for your comment and I apologize for my own delayed reply. I will be emailing them today with your experience and let you know what they say.

      I have been told by their team that they can frame scarves up to 40×40 for the cost I mention above. I will let you know as soon as I hear something – thanks for your patience! And when you do get your scarf framed, can you post a picture to the comments? I’d love to see it!!

      Ashley Brooke

    • I contacted them as well after buying two Equator scarves at Hermes the past week and the 90 cm is a no go So sad because I love the bamboo frames they have at Framebridge.

      • Hi Lisa,
        I’m so sorry they told you that! As I mentioned to the other commenter, I am asking them directly what to say on the phone when asking for the service I got. I’ve been re-assured by their team that they can accommodate scarves up to 40×40 inches. I will let you know what they reply back.

        Also, when you do get your scarf framed, I’d love to see it either her in the comments or over email!

        Ashley Brooke

  5. I’ve done some custom framing work before. I saved like $200 framing my degree from college. It’s always worth taking a look at the frames they sell pre made at Michaels or AC Moore or Hobby Lobby. They have a decent frame selection. If you buy a mat cutter (and are confident in your straight cutting skills) you can custom cut your own mats too for less then a custom one if they don’t have the precut sizes at the craft store. Thrift stores are a good option if you’re patient. Also they sometimes sell frames in pieces so you can buy the exact size you need. Still need to have glass cut but maybe easier then a total DIY frame. Michaels sell them in black metal. And there always good old YouTube for many step by step frame related tutorials! Hope this is helpful

  6. Hi. My name is Anthony. I’m a picture framer and I have recently framed a Hermes scarf which turned out brilliantly. The scarf was 90 X 90cm and pinned to foam. I then float mounted it and gave it 50mm boarders. Framed, it turned out large.
    Big and beautiful.

    • Hi Jan!

      Thank you for your sweet comment! I definitely will take a peek at your site!
      xo – AB

  7. I would also like to frame a Hermes scarf – which comes in standard 35×35 which is what you appear to have. I checked with Framebridge on their site and they indicate they do not offer framing at this size – is there someone you dealt with that could help me?

    • Hi Victoria!

      We actually called Frame Bridge and asked if they had a custom option for a special project! They said they did, and we ordered it over the phone. I am not sure if they still do that, but it worked out GREAT! If not you might want to try Simply Framed!


  8. May I ask the cost? Looks like you have a sponsorship so perhaps you didnt have one but I’d love to know a rough estimate.

    • It depends on what you get framed- you can play around on the website with sizes and frames to get a close idea! Xx

  9. Framing scarves, in this case, Hermes, is such a nice graphic touch and way to appreciate those scarves that would otherwise sit in a drawer. Framing scarves, in this case, Hermes, is such a nice graphic touch and way to appreciate those scarves that would otherwise sit in a drawer.

  10. I have an Hermes scarf I’ve been meaning to frame! Can you share details about which frame style you chose and how much it costs? My scarf is 35 by 35 and it seems like they won’t let you have a mat with something that size. Thanks!

  11. Gorgeous! You have impeccable taste. I love everything about your style and decor. The rug in your living room is beautiful! Love your Sunday scripture posts!!

      • FYI – Framebridge no longer can frame textiles this size. I emailed their support team about framing a 36×35 silk scarf, and here was the reply.

        At this time, we can frame items up to 32″x40″ for online orders (the largest square being 32 x 32). If your piece is able to be cropped, trimmed, folded, or wrapped to make it our maximum size we’d love to frame it for you!

        Framing for artwork up to 40″x60″ is available only in our retail stores. That means that the order must be placed in the store, the artwork must be dropped off in the store (usually when you place your order), and you’ll pick up the finished frame from the store. You can view pricing and read a little more about that process here, and find a store near you!

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