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Bring on those April Showers!


I’m so excited April is almost here! I am one of those crazy people who likes the rain. There is nothing quite as cozy as being trapped inside working with a cup of tea while it pours cats and dogs outside. Honestly, I think it makes me feel less guilty for being inside working away while the sunshine is out. Regardless, I love it! So whether you are a rainy season person or not, here are a few things to keep you bright and cheery while the puddles are out! 





Top Shop Rain Coat: I’m Obsessing over the stripe lining, So. Cute. 

Kate Spade Umbrella: Let’s be real, it matches this month’s download, so it was meant to be! 

ABD Personalized Dot Stationery: You’ll be inside while it rains, so you might as well get those thank you notes written!

Hunter Wellies: I have a pair of red ones and I love them… but these are oh-so-pretty and just so happen to be on SALE!




And lastly, what you really need”¦ April’s 2017 free download! Enjoy, friends!



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