Oh, Hey August!

Happy August, friends!! I hope your month is already off to an amazing start! I’m so excited for this month. We are home for the next few weeks straight, which feels like heaven. And then at the end of the month, we are taking a vacation with our best friends to Jamaica! I feel like I’ve been waiting for August for FOREVER. 

Ryan and I have also decided this month is going to be the month of organizing our house! Each night we are going to try and tackle a new closet, drawer, or cabinet…. it’s almost weird how thrilled we are about this plan. But, I am most excited to organize our Tupperware drawer. For the life of me, I can never keep that thing organized. But have no fear, this will be the month it happens, even if I have to take 14 trips to The Container Store to do so! 



What are your August plans? Anything fun happening for you?



And, don’t forget  August’s 2017 free download! Enjoy!



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