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The Perfect Solution

For years we have been trying to figure out a solution for our forever frustrating problem, the neighborhood deer. Are they magical?! YES. Do they make us feel like we live in a Disney movie?! YES. Do they eat every single one of my flowers?! YYYEEESSSS. Argh.

I have a love-hate relationship with the deer. They’ve eaten hundreds of dollars worth of flowers, which makes my eye twitch. We’ve tried everything from deer repellant to cayenne pepper, all have failed. So after years of fighting, we decided, nope, no more. I’m not buying you woodland creatures any more candy. I’m done.

Annnnnnd then, I saw these


Grandin Road Flower Boxes c/o // Banana Republic Blouse (old, similar here) // ASOS Skirt (old, similar here) // Rodin Lipstick 




I was standing up in my kitchen, flipping through a Grandin Road catalog, when I stopped dead in my tracks. I FOUND THE SOLUTION. Flower boxes. That’s right, good old fashioned flower boxes. Why hadn’t I thought of them earlier!?

We have hedges that separate our front porch railings and our grass that the deer can’t reach over, which means I can plant real live flowers that deer can’t eat!! It was like seeing an actual miracle, I put in my order that day. “Two flower boxes with the railing attachments please!”



I promise you, I stalked the delivery guys for days just waiting for these to come in. Part of me was just excited that we’d be able to add actual color and life to the front of our home and the other part of me was a little vindictive towards the deer. I got just a bit excited with the thought of them standing on our sidewalk trying to figure out how to get to the land of milk and honey, only to find out their necks aren’t long enough to reach. This is something I’m not proud of. But people, it’s been 5 full years of waking up to freshly planted flowers that have been pulled plum out of the ground less than 12 hours later. I was ready for payback.


Front Porch Flower Boxes |


These beautiful boxes finally came in and did not disappoint! They have added character and life to the front of our home like we haven’t had, ever. These will stand as one of my favorite home additions we’ve ever made! So far, the deer haven’t figured out how to reach over the hedges and all is well in the world again.

Side Note:

Clearly, I’ve harbored ill feelings for years over our neighborhood deer and should most likely seek counseling… But even if you don’t have deer, these boxes are still the perfect solution for jazzing up your home. Trust me, you’ll love them! 


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Grandin Road Flower Boxes c/o // Banana Republic Blouse (old, similar here) // ASOS Skirt (old, similar here) // Rodin Lipstick 





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    • Thanks, Jessica! We love them too! Also, you are the sweetest and just made my whole day! Thank you for taking the time to leave a note! xx

    • Thanks, Lauren!! Oh, and what a good idea… I’m going to try that if we do potted plants on our steps again! Thank you for the tip! xx

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