Blogger Ashley Brooke shares her favorite vanities. |


Sitting Pretty

Over on Pinterest I have been seeing so many pictures of the most gorgeous vanities! I feel like getting ready each day would be so fabulous. Putting on a simple outfit would be like getting pampered for the Oscars every morning. This chair, like the one above, makes any ordinary desk seem like the perfect vanity space! I love the simple impact a new space can make on your daily life. 


Blogger Ashley Brooke shares her favorite vanities. |


I love each of these vanity looks so much! They are all so glam, and you could definitely make do with some of your current furniture and a few new goodies. Think about using a desk you already have, like this one, instead of buying a whole new vanity piece. There are so many simple ways to step up your vanity. Below are some of my very favorite vanity looks!


Blogger Ashley Brooke shares her favorite vanities. |


Look 1- Bright & Simple

This is one of my favorite looks! Keep it bright with a white desk like this one, and a fun velvet chair. A super fabulous chair can totally transform your vanity! Velvet is one of the most popular trends this season, so adding small touches like a pillow is a great way to stay super chic without having to buy as big of an investment piece as a chair.



Shop My Favorite Chairs Here:



Blogger Ashley Brooke shares her favorite vanities. |


Look 2: Fun & Fresh

This set up is timeless and would work well in so many different spaces! I love the super simple look and the built in vanity like this! Mirrors are so important to brighten up your space. I love the idea of a simple white one like this, or a fun gold one like this.  Adding small mirrors can also make a space seem brighter. I love this gold one and this hexagon shaped one.


My Favorite Mirrors:



Blogger Ashley Brooke shares her favorite vanities. |


Look 3: Pretty & Girly

I think this look appeals to the inner princess in all of us! Imagine putting on your favorite lipstick in the fanciest of settings! The details are what really matter here! Adding a pretty bottle of perfume or a gorgeous candle can instantly make a space feel extra fabulous. You could also store makeup brushes in a pretty cup that’s fashionable and functional. Adding a lamp or pillow can make all the difference in how your vanity looks. You can even add pieces from your home to make it feel a little bit more fab without redoing your entire vanity!

My Favorite Home Accessories:



As always, keep up on Pinterest to see all the new style and trends I am loving these days!

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