Good morning, crazy enough we have our bags packed and are heading to Puerto Rico this morning (keep your fingers crossed that Hurricane Irene stays away!!)! I’m really excited about this trip for a few reasons, one being that we all need a vacation over here… it’s been non stop paper goodness (which I love!!), but my computer and I need to see other people, just for a few days. And two being that my husband and his family are from Puerto Rico and I’ve never even been!! I can not wait to see all of his favorite places, eat lots of yummy food, and sip frozen cocktails! Should be a fun few days! I’ll make sure to take lots of great photos and wear TONS of sunscreen!

P.S. Don’t worry the ABD studio will still be movin’ and shakin’ so feel free to get in touch, business as usual!

P.P.S. I’ll be back soon, and …. I’ll miss you!

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