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As you know, one of my main goals this year is timeliness. We’ve talked about it before, but I am always on time for work deadlines, and never on time for friend and family events. That has changed in 2019! So far I’ve only been 5 minutes late to one appointment, everything else in the past 24 days I’ve either been RIGHT on time or 10 minutes early, and guys that’s an actual miracle.

I decided 3 weeks ago that if I was going to make being on time my thing I would have to start reworking my “process”.  One of my big issues that was causing me to be late was gifts!

To be fair, between our friends and family we are celebrating a birthday, a new baby, an engagement, or a major work success weekly. Usually that means I am running into Target on the way to pick up a card, wrapping paper, or ribbon which inevitably makes me 15-30 minutes late. 

Now before you say, “Ashley, come on!”, please note that I do always have a gift! I have a deal with myself that on the same day I RSVP to a party I order the gift. So at least I have the item, it’s just the wrapping/card that’s an issue. But not anymore! 

Little by little, I’ve been reorganizing the way I do things to not only make them more efficient, but also make them less stressful. There is nothing in this world I love more than a prettily wrapped gift.

I am a firm believer that a small, thoughtful gift wrapped well is WAY better than a random, expensive gift wrapped poorly.

Which means I cannot tell you how many times I’ve wrapped gifts in the backseat of my car in a restaurant parking lot. But since I’ve rectified this situation, I no longer fight with a roll of wrapping paper in the back seat of my car and celebrations have become 1000% more enjoyable. 

I realize this is a simple fix, but sometimes even the simplest things make the biggest difference.

My Gift Wrap General Store

All I did was stock up on satin ribbons, gift boxes, boxed birthday card sets, ribbon scissors (that actually cut!), wrapping paper for all occasions, tissue paper, and crinkle paper. Now I’m like the customer service counter at Bloomingdales, a one stop wrapping shop and I’m LOVING it! 

This may seem like a little thing, but I’m telling you, it has already made a HUGE difference. We’ve celebrated 4 birthdays, 1 baby shower, and 1 big event in the past 24 days and I was not only prepared, I was ON TIME. 

Satin Ribbon

I’m a sucker for a gift tied in satin ribbon so I stocked up on all the colors!

shop (rainbow pack)

Gift Boxes

This was the biggest issue. Sometimes reusing an Amazon box just doesn’t cut it. 



My most brilliant move. Birthday cards for the men, women, and children – Cards that say thank you, congratulations, and Happy Birthday. Having these on hand is a game changer!

shop (similar here)

Ribbon Scissors

Cutting ribbon with dull scissors is never ever a good idea. It will only leave you angry!


Wrapping Paper

HomeGoods is my go-to for wapping paper. You find great paper for a fraction of the normal cost. But the key is to have all occasions covered.


Tissue & Crinkle Paper

I bought tissue paper and crinkle paper in bulk! Now I’m ready to wrap everything from durable to breakable.

shop Tissue & Crinkle

Like I said, this was a simple fix that will save me a billion heartaches! Do you have any simple fixes/ life hacks like these I also need to know about?! 


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  1. I absolutely love this post! Especially with little ones, this is important.
    I collect cute Target $1 spot stuff and anything with Initials on clearance ( candles, keychains etc).
    I keep them in a drawer and always have a gift on hand for b days etc.
    Also, Target dollar spot, tj maxx clearance and Five below usually has $1 and under cards and super cute boxes.

  2. I keep my scissors, tape, trim and other supplies in a Caboodle dedicated to gift wrapping. It’s great because I can take it to any room in the house.

  3. One of my “hacks” is that I buy cards year round. I started this habit after a New Years resolution to send more snail mail. I store them in a card organizer from The Container Store. After a few occasions of forgetting that I already bought the card, I set a quick reminder my Google calendar that it’s already taken care of!

  4. I would love to know about the little gifts you keep on hand for occasions that just pop up or ideas for small gatherings that you just want to bring a little something besides the standard flowers and/or bottle of wine.

  5. I plan my clothing for the next week on the weekends so I don’t spend a ton of time figuring out what I’ll wear and keeps my closet in order versus me trying on 5 outfits in a hurry.

    I also read where someone gets gas in their car every Sunday following lunch no matter if it is needed or not. Love that idea. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten in car with just enough time to get to appt and have no gas.

  6. Yes!! I love this and completely agree with all of your sentiments. If you figure out a good way to organize and store your gift wrapping station please let us know! Mine is so unorganized that I forget about all of the cute goodies I have!

  7. This is literally so on time for me. One of my goals for 2019 is to be better about gifts. (I’m guilty for sending one from Amazon two weeks after a birthday ) I’m going to Homegoods right after work today! I also plan to add a reminder in my google calendar for birthdays so that two weeks out I’m reminded to get a gift, wrap it and mail it. Thanks!

  8. Genius! My sister does this for Bestie Boxes (she actually exchanges some with Kyla!) and I have been meaning to start keeping things on hand! I think you’ve finally inspired me!

    • Ha! Mary!! That is such a good question! Right now they are all in a box, I need to work on a better solution, BRB going to Amazon right now! 😉
      xo – AB

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