Gifts Under $25

Perfect For Friends, Stockings, and Gift Exchanges

I love cute little gifts like these! You don’t have to spend a lot to buy someone a great gift. Often it’s the little things that mean the most! Practical products like The Laundress No. 10 Fabric Fresh Spray, which is perfect for freshening up sweaters in the winter between washes. Or something fun that you might not typically get for yourself, like this waterproof shower speaker. I mean, I’d be THRILLED to see that Santa brought me my favorite makeup brush cleaner or a set of Teleties, Ha!

These are some of the best gifts under $25 to scoop up this year–perfect for friends, stockings, and gift exchanges!

Gifts Under $25

Journal // Laneige Lip Mask // Teleties // Lip Gloss // Detangle Brush // Juice Glasses // The Laundress Fabric Fresh // Reusable Coffee Cup // Headband // Makeup Brush Cleaner // Waterproof Shower Speaker // Cheese Board Deck // Dae Mini Shampoo // Dae Mini Conditioner // Book Light // Ice Roller

Since their launch, I have been hooked on Teleties! These babies stay in place, even when I’m running, and look super cute on your wrist. At under $10, it’s the perfect stocking stuffer for any gal!

Another great gift idea under $25 is mini beauty products. I think it’s always fun to test out my friend’s favorite products! Not only does this Dae shampoo and conditioner look adorable in your shower, but it’s truly amazing, and my hair feels great after. I actually look forward to washing my hair because of them, ha!


Favorite Finds

LANEIGE lip sleeping mask - Gifts Under $25


Lip Sleeping Mask

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amazon Book Light


Book Light

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No.10 Fabric Fresh


No.10 Fabric Fresh

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There’s no better gift for a friend who loves to read than a new book and this under $20 book light. I feel like it’s something everyone could use and one of those items that might even be sitting in their Amazon cart!

A pretty notebook or reusable coffee cup is the perfect gift for a coworker you don’t know all too well. And for your female work friends, this Laneige lip mask or Merit lip gloss will not disappoint. I received the lip mask in a gift bag a few years ago, and now I’m addicted! I love the scent, plus, it actually WORKS!


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