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…And Who Doesn’t Love an Easter Basket!? 

My good girlfriend, Mandy, from Waiting on Martha and I were talking a few weeks ago about teaming up on something fun this Spring. We were doing a little brainstorming via text and I almost flipped with excitement when she had the idea of a Grown Up Easter Basket GIVEAWAY!

I happen to LOVE Easter baskets, always have and always will. My mom still fills our childhood Easter baskets with little trinkets each year and it’s something I look forward to as much now as I did then. So when Mandy first threw out the idea I couldn’t say “yes!” fast enough. 

And here’s the thing about Mandy, she just has it. And by it I mean phenomenal taste. If you’ve ever visited her Atlanta store then you know what I mean. Her online shop is just the same. She has a knack for curating things for a well lived life better than anyone I know and I 100% trust her aesthetic. 

Win 1 of 3 Baskets!

When the Easter Baskets showed up on my doorstep last week for us to shoot it felt like Christmas morning opening! Even Ryan wanted to “borrow” a few things from the cocktail basket! Ha!  Of course I told him no and that these baskets were for you, but just so you know… it’s taking some serious willpower over here for us to part with these beautiful gift baskets!

Take a peak at the amazing things you can win below – there are THREE baskets up for grabs – and then enter at the end of the post!

P.S. Use the code ABD20 for 20% off everything at Waiting On Martha
*offer excluding fine art
Basket #1 For the Cocktail Lover

First off, how cute is the colander idea?! I would have NEVER in a million years thought of that! It’s adorable. Also, if you aren’t into Easter baskets, this would totally be an AMAZING housewarming gift, don’t you think?! 

Anyway, this “basket” is full to the brim with all of the things you need for a successful Spring cocktail! Two rose gold Swig cups, bar tools, and even a Jack Rudy set that was making Ryan think twice about letting me give this one away! 

To sum it up, it’s a cocktail lover’s dream basket! 

Basket #2 For The Healthy Nut

When I open the box that held the contents to this basket I laughed out loud! I love this one and actually, if I had to pick it would be my favorite.

Packed full of a nutrients, this basket has everything you need from a dry brush to cold pressed green juice gummy bears

This is the perfect basket to counter all of those Cadbury Eggs you’ll inevitably consume this season!

Basket #3 For the Foodie

Again, with the cuteness. I can’t. It’s just so good. I’m totally stealing this idea for a bridal shower gift, I love that it’s brunch in a basket!

You have everything you need for a lazy Saturday morning at home with your fancy pancake mix down to the perfect whisk! What’s not to love?!

Clearly this is a hard one to give up! 

Enter to Win!

Okay, so now to the nitty gritty – let’s win you one of these amazing baskets from Waiting on Martha!! 

Use the widget to enter in this giveaway (it’s suuuuper simple) and then tag your two besties on the instagram post for extra bonus entries! Becuase remeber, we aren’t just giving one of these away, we are giving away ALL THREE!! 

Good luck, friends! I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for you!

U.S. Residence only. Giveaway ends Monday, March 26th at 11:59 p.m. 

P.S. Use the code ABD20 for 20% off everything at Waiting On Martha
*offer excluding fine art

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    • Isn’t it SUCH a fun idea?! I’m with you and am totally going to be repurposing this idea!
      xo – AB

  1. Is it weird that I am torn between all three equally? These are the cutest baskets! I love the different themes for each one. So inspired for next weekend; I love this giveaway!!

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