It’s The Daisy Tile For Me

Last week we finally revealed our guest bathroom makeover (see here for the before and afters), and your kind comments made our week! To be honest with you, this little bathroom was a labor of love, and we spent lots of time over the past few months working out each and every detail! We actually started this project back in June of last year when we had all of our tile removed throughout the house. We went without a toilet in this bathroom for about seven months! Ha! So when I say it was a process… it was. Nothing happens fast around here, but we are *so* happy with the way it came together–definitely worth the wait.

Similar to my Kitchen Links post where I just break down every single finish or product, I wanted there to be a similar post for our bathroom. And now that we have this bathroom finished, I really want to do our main bathroom…. Ryan, you up for it?!? 😉

Paint Color, Wallpaper, Woodworking:

Tile Floor



Light Fixture, Mirror, Vanity, & Toilet



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  1. Thank you for the links for the art work. I was looking for that when you posted the bathroom the other day. I particularly love that the “lady print” is a John Singer Sargent. He is one of my favorite artists.

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