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Our home is a bungalow style, 3 bedroom 2 bathroom. It’s not very big, and honestly, that’s just the way we like it. In this season of life, it’s perfect for us; plus, everything we do makes a huge impact…which I kind of love.

The guest bathroom was HIGH on our list of things to remodel once we finished both our floors and kitchen. It’s our only restroom for guests, meaning just about everyone who comes over pops in there at least once…so, as you can imagine, we really wanted it to flow with the rest of the house! And I’m really glad we decided to tackle this project, because WOW did it make a difference.

We gave ourselves about a month of breathing room after we finished the kitchen before diving head first into this project. But to be honest, we barely lasted a month–we were so excited about the possibilities of this space that we were ready to get started!

The Before:

As you can see, we had done ABSOLUTELY nothing to this bathroom since the day we moved in. Everything was builder-grade, completely functioning, but lacked that custom touch. I have wanted to redo this space for years, so this project really was a total dream!

The After:

Oh my gosh. The side-by-side gets me every time!

The Daisy Tile

Since I knew this bathroom would be our next project, I started doing some research on to find pieces and finishes I liked. I have found that the best way is just to browse and save things to your “Favorites” when you find things that spark joy. My Favorites folders are miles long, but it really helps you get to know what you like, what’s out there, and what will be within your budget. The first thing I found was this daisy marble tile. As soon as I saw it, the entire bathroom came together in my head. THIS WAS THE TILE FOR US.

I love that the tile is both charming and warm, but also a bit geometrical. Truthfully, I couldn’t get this tile out of my head. Everything else was up for negotiation, but this tile was not one of them. Ha!

The daisy tile ended up being the very first thing we ordered. We used The Home Depot Tile Calculator which worked like a DREAM. We’ve never done tile before so this was SO helpful to have at our disposal. We just typed in the dimensions of the room and the calculator told us exactly how many boxes to order, which is crazy. Also, it was SPOT ON. We had exactly how much we needed. We also ordered Bright White grout, which I went back and forth on for forever, but I’m so glad we went with. Once the tile was in place, everything else just followed.

Vanity, Mirror, & Light Fixture

Ryan ended up finding our vanity, mirror, and light fixture during a late night Home Depot search, and I was sold on all three as soon as I saw them! It was all a perfect match. Ryan has a fantastic eye, and I always trust his selections. All three of these felt traditional, but also a bit updated… couldn’t have asked for anything more. Plus, the price on everything was unbeatable! We ordered them on the spot!

As a side note, for these larger pieces, we had them shipped directly to our house instead of to the store, and it was such a flawless process. The Home Depot has free delivery on over a million items, which is awesome. We have ordered so many things from our app and I know shipping can be tough these days, but we have yet to have an issue with Home Depot’s shipping department!

After that, the toilet, and faucet were next…

Toilet & Faucet

I had my eye on this toilet for about a year and it was out of stock, but I put an alert on the product at Home Depot and got a notification as soon as it came back in stock. It was a dream setup since I knew that model was what I wanted, but I didn’t have to keep checking on it every five minutes. I scooped it up as soon as I got the alert.

When it came to the hardware, I wavered on this a bit, but I am SO glad I went with chrome. I really wanted the bathroom to have mixed metals. I was very concerned about doing brass since we have unlacquered brass in our kitchen because I didn’t want to overdo it. So I’m thrilled with what we ended up choosing. It turned out beautifully, and I am totally living for the mixed metals.

Once we had everything ordered, we had to finally make the decisions on the official vibe of the bathroom. What kind of woodworking were we going to do? What color where we going to paint it? What wallpaper would we install??

Woodworking & Wallpaper

Ryan had seen vertical shiplap online and fell in love. After showing me a few photos, I was sold. I loved the traditional vibe, but also that it was different… which really sums me up in a nutshell. Ha!

When it came down to the wallpaper, that was a little more difficult. We didn’t want to go too loud, but we also wanted it to feel special. I first fell in love with this floral paper only for it to arrive and be all wrong. The tone was off, the pattern competed with the tile, and it just wasn’t quite right. So, I went back to the drawing board. I kept thinking I needed a floral, but really didn’t want it to feel too feminine, so I started to look at stripes. I found this pretty taupe stripe wallpaper and decided to give it a whirl. I used The Home Depot Wallpaper Calculator to find out how many rolls I need, and it worked perfectly! As soon as the wallpaper came in, I knew it was *right*. And it ended up being exactly how much the wallpaper installer needed! It was amazing.

Now that we had the wallpaper and the woodworking planned out, we needed to pick paint. I thought it would be pretty to paint the shiplap and ALL of the trim the same color, so I tried like a zillion colors and landed on “White Sand” by Benjamin Moore. I then took that color to Home Depot and had it color matched. I am OBSESSED with the way the paint color came out. It’s the perfect tone for our home.

Design With The Details in Mind

I originally thought this project would be a weekend project (BWHAHA!) and I was very very wrong. But I am so glad we really took our time with it. Every detail feels special and right.

If you take one thing away from this post, I hope it’s that you don’t need to rush design decisions. It’s okay to sit with them, and for each decision to lead you to the next. I often feel very overwhelmed when we start a new project, but if I can find one thing (whether it’s a finish, a color, or a fabric) that is my non-negotiable, then I know the project will *eventually* come together. For the kitchen, it was the green paint–everything revolved around it. For the bathroom, it was the daisy tile. If you don’t know where to start, pick one thing that you absolutely LOVE, use that as your North Star, and you can’t go wrong!

P.S. We are part of a group of DIY Bloggers/YouTubers that are all working on projects throughout the year, so you’ll have to pop over to the #THDDoerProject to see everyone’s progress! Also, if you are working on a DIY use the hashtag #DoersChallenge so we can follow along!

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  1. Love the after! Especially that tile! I looked it up on Home Depot and the description didn’t reference bathroom floors or areas where water may be present. Did you have to seal it? If so, what did you use? We’re renovating our bathroom and I too can’t get this tile out of my vision now!

  2. Hi!! Can you provide detail into how you designed/finished the shower? I am using the exact same floor but struggling with shower tile. I also love the mixed metal.. what metal did you use in the shower? Thank you!

  3. I was on Pinterest for maybe 5 minutes when I landed on this article. You are So Right! The tile grabbed me and when I saw what you did with the bathroom-sent the artlcle to my contractor and husband and we are gonna do it! Absolutely beautiful!

  4. What a beautiful bathroom. This was so helpful, especially when trying to make decisions on the cabinet painting I’ll be getting in my bathroom. I loved your color! Thanks so much for the inspiration!

  5. This bathroom is so so lovely! Any chance Ryan will share how he did the shiplap wall? Do you have sources for your picture frames? Your projects are so inspiring. We’ve already used your tutorials for the backyard patio pavers and now I think we’ll do the guest bathroom, too!

  6. Did you do the wallpaper yourselves? And was it glue or peel and stick? And lastly how smooth are your walls or did you have to adjust the texture? I’m DYING to wallpaper some areas in my house and not sure if it’s DIY-able or if I need to hire a professional.

  7. Such a beautiful bathroom! I especially love the way you styled the space with artwork, which adds so much interest and personality. Do you mind sharing your sources? Etsy?

  8. This is beautiful! I love the mirror and the picture window detail—it’s gorgeous! The tile, the vanity—everything! The details are just great. You should just claim that bathroom as yours. LOL!

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