Halfway Homemade Fall Wreath

It’s easier than you think, promise…

My grandma Betty has a little floral workshop in her garage and growing up we’d spend hours there creating fun faux floral arrangements on the weekends together. And I’ve said this before, but she’s definitely where I get my love of flowers! She was always working on creating a wreath, and I loved just playing in her workshop coming up with my own random creations.

homemade fall wreath

But it wasn’t until a few years ago when my Aunt Maggie showed me a wreath trick, that everything started clicking! Before I could never start from scratch when it came to a wreath… it always turned out lopsided and just, well, not good. After sharing this with my aunt, she showed me how to create a semi-homemade wreath to achieve the custom look I was going for *without* all the stress and I will NEVER go back!

This year I really wanted a simple fall wreath for our front door that would flow with our new brick porch and festive pumpkins, but couldn’t find anything that was the vibe I wanted, until I spotted this wreath at Target on Monday! It was sort of what I was looking for, but not exactly. Although, an aisle over there where a few faux floral pieces (this garland and accent pieces) that I thought may actually work to create what I had in my head… so I thought what the heck, let’s give it a whirl!

I’m so glad I took a chance, I haven’t created a wreath in years and this was just the creative fall project I needed. And just in time for trick-or-treaters! Also, I was able to whip up this halfway homemade fall wreath during nap time AND write the how-to post. Really truly, it’s easy. Do not be intimidated!

homemade fall wreath

What I Bought From Target

1 wreath

1 garland greenery

3 berry stems (not sold online, similar here)

Tools Needed

wire cutters

hot glue gun


window suction cups or wreath hanger

Floral Arrangement How-To
Step 1: Trim leaves.

Cuts off leaves. I did both small bunches and larger bunches to add some variety!

Step 2: Trim stems.

Same with the stems. Cut off both smaller and larger sections to have loose pieces.

Step 3: Test placements.

Before I start glueing into the wreath, I like to place the stems and the leaves in different spots so I can work with it as I go and figure out the best layout. Don’t skip this step… I always regret when I do!

Step 4: Hot glue leaves.

Next up, hot glue! I love hot glue, it’s just magic. Add a bit to the bottom of each stem and place where you want, hold for a few sections to dry in place.

Step 3: Hold in place.

I like to hold the stems in place for a few seconds, just to make sure the glue adheres correctly! No one likes a wreath that falls apart!

Step 4: Add more!

Once I add in what I had planned, I tend to cut more pieces and scatter them around. I never want it to look too placed, you know?!

Step 3: Bumper time!

Get your bumpers out! This way you won’t scratch your door!

Step 3: Glue bumpers in place.

I ended up hot gluing the bumpers in place, so I knew they weren’t going anywhere.

And… hang! I used two suction cups on the windows and placed the wreath on top! It’s sturdy and looks really pretty. You could also use a wreath hanger if you don’t have window. Either way, it’s so fun to have something halfway homemade on your front door!

Let me know what you think, and if you try it, too! Tag me on Instagram if you do so I can re-share. Happy fall, ya’ll!


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