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I have a huge place in my heart for a handmade ornament. Every year during the holidays I pick an ornament off of Etsy to DIY for the holidays. One that will take me a while, so that when I’m watching those Hallmark movies I’m still being a little bit productive!

Sometimes they are pretty, sometimes they are cross-stitched, or full of sequins and glitter, or unbelievably cheesy, but either way I love them. Growing up our tree was filled with ornaments my mom made before my sister and I were born, and I want that for my kids too one day. Nothing says home to me like a felt, popsicle stick, and sequin filled tree!

Below are a few ornament kits I’ve had my eye on this year… but I think I might go for this beaded one or these adorable felt ones! What do you think?

DIY Ornament Kits


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  1. My favorite homemade ornaments are cinnamon ornaments! They’re quite simple to make and one of my favorite gifts to give!

  2. What a sweet little tradition! My mom still hangs the ornaments on the tree that I hand made in preschool and elementary school! I think I might make her a “more adult” hand made ornament this year, now! It does make the tree feel more homey with your own art adorning it! happy (almost) holidays! 🙂

    xx Libby

  3. I love ornaments. My daughter puts my plastic (kind of ugly) snowman on her tree that was mine when I was a little girl. And every year we have to comment on it and all the other ornaments that have stories.
    You know the sequin ornaments you posted? Well, I had a shepard, husky mix dog that ate everything, and I mean everything. Yup…..she ate one of those sequined ornaments with all the beaded push pins. Did she get sick? Nope. She must have had a stomach of steel!!! Can’t wait to see your finished ornaments.

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