I had a few questions yesterday on what the modern day handshaking etiquette was,
so I did a little research and this is what I found:
Today handshakes both symbolize both welcome and good faith,
as when people seal a deal by shaking hand, and either sex may offer a hand first.
In most places people appreciate a firm grip-neither limp nor
bone-crushing- and shaking that is perceptible but not pumping. It’s generally
best to release you hold after a few seconds or as soon as you feel the other
person relax his hand or pull away. if you favor a really strong grip, be alert
and adjust to the the pressure you feel from the other person. if you extend
your hand but the other person doesn’t respond, just assume that he or she
didn’t see your gesture; lover your hand and forget the shake, even though
offering you hand is correct.
I hope this helps!


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