Happy List: 7 Things
Happy List: 7 Things

A few weeks ago (read here), I did a little Happy List where I rounded up a handful of things that were just making me happy! It was really fun to write, so I thought I’d do another one just like it!

Happy List: 7 Things

7 Happy Things!

1. The Month of June!

June is such a fun month, and one I look forward to all year. Not only is it my birthday month, but it’s also my mom’s, sister’s, and best friend’s birthday month… plus of course, Father’s Day! I love getting to celebrate all of my favorite people in one month. It truly is the best.

2. Target Dress

I know I mentioned this dress on Monday, but I have to mention it again, because it really is kind of amazing. So easy to wear and it feels like pajamas in the very best way. GO. GET. IT. Best $20 you’ll spend all summer.

3. New York City

Ryan and I have talked about moving to New York City since, like, our first date. ha! We both feel most like ourselves in the city, and it’s always so much fun being back. We love our home in Florida, and truly wouldn’t change a single thing, but man, one day we will have to rent an apartment for a few months. Or (dreaming big here!) have a tiny place that could be our getaway. I just love everything about the city.

4. For All Mankind

We are total NASA nuts over here. My dad worked for NASA, and both of my grandfathers did as well. I grew up in Titusville, so it all just felt so normal to be honest. But as I’ve gotten older, I have realized that it truly isn’t normal, and it is actually spectacular that I grew up around something so special. Anyway, Ryan is a HUGE space nut, and when we started dating, he found my space stories so fascinating… which I thought was so funny! But over the years, it’s become our thing! We love space everything. So when a friend told me about For All Mankind on Apple TV, we immediately started it and WOW it is SO GOOD. It’s historical fiction and truly so well done. If you love space, you will love this.

5. Dolly’s Haircut

Remind me to share a photo of Dolly’s new crazy haircut! ha! The groomer had to practically shave her because she had so many knots! I’m always really good at brushing her, but for some reason this past month she became so knotted! Anyway, I forget just how tiny her little legs are. She looks like a chihuahua. It’s intense–and hysterical.

6. Fridge Bins – Wine Holders

I don’t know why, but these fridge bins make me SO HAPPY. I really want to be one of those people with the perfectly organized fridge, but I’m afraid that is just not my life. And I try, I really do, but I truthfully have other priorities. And I cannot, for the life of me, make my fridge organization one of them. BUT with these fridge organizers, I *feel* like I’m one step closer. Maybe if I just order the entire fridge set I’ll be one of those people…. 😉

7. Book – Life’s Too Short

Do yourself a favor and pick up Abby Jimenez’s new book, Life’s Too Short. It was *SO* good. Like, couldn’t-do-anything-else-until-I-finished-it kind of good. There have been tons and TONS of amazing new releases this year, since many where held back last year, and it’s been the best. I feel like I’ve been reading one phenomenal book after another. And truly, that never happens. I’m telling you, this is a good read. Also, if you are looking for more recommendations, follow our book club account, @ashleybrookebookclub!

“¦ Okay, give me your list!


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  1. I’m with you on NYC. I have never felt more alive than when I’m there. I took my son there for his 16th birthday and,we went back 3 more years in a row! I need to go back, I literally ache for it! I would love to live there for a year or two, just to fully immerse myself in it!

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