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Celebrating Besties and Girl Talk!

We’re declaring today one of the BEST days of the ENTIRE Y-E-A-R! It’s National Best Friends Day! While there are some fun holidays that make us laugh and ask if they’re even real, today does not require ANY questions at all. You don’t have to tell us twice to call up our favorite girl friends for extra girl talk or even send each and every one of our besties something special in the mail. This holiday is almost too good!

Because we know you will win ALL of the extra points with your bestie when you send her fun mail, we’re sharing a gift box filled with all of the ABD things we pinky promise she will be so excited to have. Prepare your heart because you’re going to want to add every last thing to your cart!


June 8, 2017


Always send your bestie a gift with the prettiest packaging! | www.ashleybrookdesigns.com


National Best Friend’s Day Gift Box Ingredients: 

Lip Travel Mug: First things first, we know your BFF loves anything that makes her stand out! So, our Lip Travel Mug is a MUST. She can sip on her morning coffee or tea in serious style, and we guarantee she will start her day off feeling extra fancy. What can be bad about that?



Peony Floral Phone Case: Your BFF called, and she said her tech is in need of a serious upgrade! There are few cases prettier than our Peony Floral Phone Case because we can’t think of anyone who doesn’t wish peony season could last all year long. Now it can, and she’s going to think you’re the greatest!



Done & Done Notepad: Your BFF may know how to tackle her to-do list, but we’re just going to go out on a limb and say she would love to have a notepad that’s just a little more colorful. Our Done & Done Notepad has color in spades, plus the sheets tear off so your BFF can keep writing lists for WEEKS!



Too Legit To Quit Mug: If your BFF is like us, a coffee mug is ALWAYS on her desk. But, there’s so many more ways to use our ABD mugs than your morning, afternoon, or evening cup. Your bestie can add pens and pencils to her mug and keep it on her desk, pop her makeup brushes inside to keep in her bathroom, or make an ice cream sundae. We’re full of ideas over here! Plus, the Too Legit To Quit motto is definitely ON POINT.



Once your bestie box is all ready to go, let us ship it for you with FREE SHIPPING (use code BFF at checkout)! We’ll add all of the tags, boxes, and tissue paper her pink and gold loving heart can handle, and you can also write her a note for us to tuck inside the box. We know, it’s kind of the best thing ever.

Happy National Best Friends Day! Make sure to call your BFF today and set a date for a girl’s night out!


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