A Very Special Mother’s Day

So many sweet memories…

Last year was my very first Mother’s Day, and it just so happened to be the day we brought Laurens home from the hospital. It was totally surreal! Yet I can remember every single second of it. I have a video of Ryan walking into the house with this teeny tiny baby snuggled up in what we felt like at the time was a GIANT carrier. With tears in our eyes and streaming down my cheeks Ryan said, “Welcome home, little buddy. We’ve been waiting for you!” At that moment, I knew our world had changed forever.

beyond by vera dress // heart necklace // emerald necklace // baby romper // quilt

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After a year of motherhood, I am at a loss for words. I stand completely and utterly in awe of our mothers, mother-in-law’s, grandmothers, and bonus moms. Quite frankly, these women are superheroes and I will never be the same knowing the selfless love they give so freely. It’s beautiful and it deserves to be celebrated.

So when I think of Mother’s Day gifts, I can’t help but think of Haverhill. Over the years I have fallen more and more in love with the Haverhill jewelry brand. Each year they add to their collection of beautiful pieces, and to be honest, I do too!

I started with the birthstone and letter necklace, which I like to call the Haverhill intro piece! And last year I really upped my collection with the Warren ring and necklace with an emerald stone for my May baby. I also received the heart necklace with an “L” engraved on it. I wrote an entire post about these pieces last year here. They are both so beautiful and incredibly easy to wear. And speaking of emeralds, last year my sister gifted these to me at the hospital when she came to meet Laurens on the day he arrived. Every time I put them on I tear up. The *most* special gift!

Recently Haverhill launched their Rosecliff Hearts, and saying that I flipped when I saw the heart necklace and matching earrings would be an understatement. I was also so excited to see this sweet necklace and earrings are completely customizable with all the different birthstones. How personal and special!

Quite honestly I haven’t taken the Rosecliff pieces off since they arrived, and I love pairing them with all of my Haverhill jewelry. And that’s why I love Haverhill so much… all of the pieces are lovely layered and worn together, or stand out alone. And with so many customizable options, you can build the most unique piece.

Truly there’s something so special about being able to wear your memories. Every time I put on my earrings, I think of my sister holding my baby for the first time… and to me, that’s what a special occasion gift is all about. 

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In partnership with Haverhill.

Photography by Sally Watson


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