Healthy & Easy Make-Ahead Snack Ideas

Freezer and pantry stocked and ready to go…

I’ve officially entered into the “camp counselor” stage of toddlerhood. The one where I’m in charge of all the activities, gear, and SNACKS! Truth be told I’m *very* into this stage, the energy is high and the fun level is even higher. But man do you have to be on your A-game when it comes to snacks and, well, everything else! And with back-to-school happening right now, I’m sure snacks are top of mind.

Yesterday I was walking home from swim class with my neighbor and we were swapping toddler (and adult!) snack ideas and it made me think I needed to write these things down… that maybe you too were looking for snack ideas. Plus, I wanted to share a few favorite snack and lunch items that I’m always using because you know I’m a sucker for a cute container/box/cup! So keep scrolling below for all of those fun finds, too.

And, I might note, don’t forget about smoothies as a snack! I bring one (in these cups, the best) to swim lessons and Laurens happily drinks it on the walk home. The perfect snack, in my opinion! His smoothie is just a smaller version of what Ryan and I drink almost every morning, recipe here.

P.S. You can find more general recipe ideas here! And here are my favorite cookbooks that I always turn to for inspiration.


Healthy, Easy Snack Ideas

Quick & easy for moms and kids on-the-go…

Protein Bites

Ashley Brooke

I love protein bites, they save they day just about every day around here! These would be great for lunch boxes and they are easy to cut up for littles. I make giant batches at a time so we always have a little something in the freezer.

Most mornings I grab one to have with my coffee!

Recipes Here

Chia Seed Pudding

MJ & Hungryman

We are big into chia seed pudding over here and again, I try and batch this once a week. But I love having these little snacks in the fridge that feel “fun” but are packed with protein! Plus, this is a total make-your-own-adventure snack since you really can add anything to it.

Recipe Here

Banana Yogurt Bark

Baby Foodie

I haven’t made yogurt bark yet, but I keep seeing it everywhere! Honestly, it looks delicious and I can’t imagine it not being a total HIT in our house.

This one might be one of those yummy after school snacks for bigger kids, but I’d just break it up into bite-sized pieces for Laurens.

Recipe Here

Maple Blueberry Turkey Sausage Patties

Ambitious Kitchen

Okay, this recipe is SO GOOD. I’ve made them a handful of times and they are always a hit. I’d recommend doubling the recipe because it’s always great to have a stash in the freezer!

Recipe Here

Avocado Banana Apple Muffins

My Fussy Eater

You know I’m a muffin gal and this one looks delicious! Love that they are packed with good fats and fiber. When I’m making muffins for Laurens I’ll usually make them in a mini-muffin tin, because everything smaller is cuter, right?! And then one muffin is the perfect little toddler snack.

Recipe Here

A Few Favorites From The List

These velcro snack bags are so cute! These and these are two of Laurens’ favorite non-homemade snacks right now. This is his snack cup that he loves (attach to stroller with these), this is his lunch box (and love this one for the moms… on sale!) and these are perfect sized ice packs to add.

And for a real on-the-go situation, this is our picnic blanket and portable highchair to enjoy all the outdoor eating.

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