Fourth of July

Get Your Sparklers Ready!

Yesterday I covered a all the epic July 4th sales happening and, today, I thought it would be fun to share a few of the recipes I’d like to whip up today! Last night I was scrolling through Pinterest trying to find something festive, fresh, and semi-healthy to make when and I came across these three delicious recipes so I thought I’d share! 

I’m so 100% ill-prepaired for today and I am hoping this post will also motivate me to get to the store ASAP and buy what I need… because that vanilla cake isn’t going to make itself! 

Happy 4th, friends! I hope your day is full of sparkle!


3 Fresh and Fun Summer Recipes

Cucumber, Basil & Watermelon Salad
by Love & Lemons

Every ingredient in this recipe belongs to my favorite foods, so this one is DEFINITELY being made today! And if you’ve never had watermelon and basil together, you have no idea what you are missing! It’s actual heaven.

recipe here
Rosé Spritzer
by Design Love Fest

I’m all about a spritzer and I’m 110% about rosé, so I can’t imagine there being a more perfect cocktail recipe. Also, I don’t know about you, but it’s 1,000 degrees here in Florida so sipping on a spritzer sounds like the only right thing to do. 


recipe here
Vegan GF Vanilla Cake
by Minimalist Baker

Okay, so I made Dana’s Vegan chocolate cake and I thought I had actually died and gone to heaven. It was UNREAL. So when I saw that she came up with a vanilla recipe I couldn’t pin it fast enough! Is there anything more delightful than a vanilla cake with fresh berries on top?! 


recipe here

You’ll have to let me know if you decide to whip up one of these recipes! And as always, I pinned them over on our pinterest page where all the real action is! 


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