I’ll say this a zillion times from now until February 14th, but I just love Valentine’s Day. I always have. Growing up, my mom and dad would get my sister and I little gifts and have them wrapped up on the breakfast table as a surprise on V-day morning.  And we’d always get something extra sugary sweet which NEVER happened in our kale and quinoa lunch boxes (my mom has always been way ahead of the health curve… clearly!). And in college, I’d celebrate with my girlfriends exchanging little trinkets and Starbucks gift cards. Like I said, it’s always been a thing!

One of the reasons I love Valentine’s Day so much is because the gifts are small, thoughtful, and lovely. We try to keep the spending to a minimum on V-day and put the real effort into our cards and heart shaped pancakes! So I thought it would be fun to do an under $50 gift guide and have Ryan share some ideas for the boys as well!

Hopefully, we’ll spark some inspiration for your gifts this Valentine’s Season!


Gifts for The Guys

Hi Everyone, it’s Ryan here. When it comes to gifting for guys, just think utilitarian or something that helps us be more of the man we aspire to be. The under $50 category is loaded with great gifts that even do a little of both. So without further ado, here are my recommendations for gifting this Valentine’s Day:
Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 7.49.12 PM
Timex Weekender Watch 
Timex makes the perfect all-around watches in my opinion. I’m wearing one as I write this which proves they’re not just for the weekends. With prices from $30-$60, you can buy him a watch that looks just as good with business casual as it does with jeans and a t-shirt on the weekends. 
The Art of Shaving Starter Kit 
Whether he has a beard or shaves every day, he needs to know about The Art of Shaving. These sets last quite a while and are a nice entrance into the world of close shaves and less irritated skin. 
Blue Bottle Coffee Bean Subscription 
When you have an appreciation for a quality cup of coffee, you never forget a gift like this. Blue Bottle is a California roaster known for top notch coffee beans, freshly roasted, and shipped to your door. You can get a 2 week supply starting at $33.
Decanter and Tumbler 5-Piece Set 
For the sophisticated drinker (or wannabe), this set does it all. Four beautiful glass tumblers and etched glass decanter make for spectacular presentation. Any time you can make a guy feel like Don Draper in Mad Men you’re on the right track.
If you’re looking for a bourbon to compliment the set I recommend Bulleit 10 Year Bourbon $42.99 or Four Roses Single Barrel $39.99
Appointed Grid Notebook and Lamy Roller Pen  
The Appointed notebook comes in grid or ruled paper and is what I use for everything from note taking and to-do lists to sketching out woodworking and home projects. Then there’s my Lamy. It’s literally a conversation piece. Men appreciate a good pen for some reason…It’s like a status symbol. I’ve literally received compliments from another guy on an airplane who saw me taking notes. I’ve had my Lamy for years. It’s built tough but looks sophisticated. For any guy who seriously needs to get things done.

Gifts for The Girls

Let’s be honest for one hot second, Valentine’s Day is totally for the girls. We love it and want to be showered with pink sparkly gifts all February long!! So if you’re looking for a few hints to send to your best guy or a special treat to pick up for yourself… look no further! 
Loren Hope Earrings 
Loren is a great friend of mine and not only do I completely adore her, but her jewelry is my absolute favorite. Everything she creates is stunning and these Abba earrings are no excuse. I have them in three colors, but I’m thinking this pale pink needs to be my fourth!
Cozy Knit Sweater
If you are looking for an excuse to cuddle, this sweater has your name written all over it. Cozy, oversized, and in a Valentine Hue, it’s a no-brainer! 
Elizabeth Arden Lipstick
Not only is Elizabeth Arden’s lipstick a total game changer (stays on forever, easy to wear, moisturizing, great colors, etc…) but it’s a statement all it’s own. With the pretty gold lipstick tubes, you’ll never put them in your make up drawer. You’re looking at your new vanity accessory that is also extremely useful! 😉 
Chantilly Lace & Satin Slip

This pretty little lace number is the perfect mix of feminine and sexy. How could you not feel pretty twirling around in this?!
Victoria Secret $48

Essie Gel Couture Polish  

I cannot say enough about this polish. Seriously, it stays on FOREVER! If you are looking for a little treat yourself moment, I’d highly recommend picking up a few bottles the next time you are at Target, but don’t forget the top coat!!

Essie Gel Couture Polish, $11.50


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