1.  Check your vehicle.  If you are driving your car this holiday season, check all your fluids, spark plus, exterior lights and electrical components.  This will help ensure any unfortunate hiccups on the road.

2. Notify someone else of your route.  If you are driving to meet family or friends, tell them what route you plan on taking.  That way if something goes wrong, someone else knows where you are.

3. Secure a room at the inn.  If you are driving through the night and think you may want to stop, use your map to figure out your stopping point and make a reservation at a hotel in that area.  This way you have a goal in mind and you know you’ll have a place to say.

4.  Take bathroom breaks.  A couple of breaks will give everyone a chance to stretch their legs and help avoid crankiness.

5.  Take some things to keep you occupied.  Music, books, snacks, chewing gum–anything to pass the time!


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