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Ryan and I share a home office and have for about a year and a half now. Honestly, we love it! We work all day, everyday in a 10×10 room with little to no complaints, which I know sounds crazy. But before you think we are complete weirdos, we definitely have our moments of getting on each other’s nerves. How could we not?! For the most part we love it.

People often marvel at a married couple working together and how exactly that plays out. Other than the fact that we work really hard at our marriage and work relationship, we do have a couple tricks that work for us…

1. Most of the time we like to work in silence. No music and definitely no talking. After breakfast we have a morning meeting to go over the day and then we head into the office and work until someone says, “hey, are you hungry for lunch?!” And 2. We sit back to back. He faces one wall and I face the other, which means by lunch I am already missing his face! It’s a system we have got down pat! 

Working together is more art than science, with new challenges each day, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I love that we are on the same team and striving toward the same goals not only in our personal life but in our work life as well! 

When we started working together we were so focused on running an insane business and learning how to work together that we didn’t put much thought into our office at all. Why would we?! We had bigger things to manage. But now that we have got things under control we are starting to look around in our office and see the disaster that it really is. We have papers piled high and post-it notes tapped all over the walls, camera equipment everywhere, and our desks… don’t even get me started on our desks! They are TERRIBLE! No storage and wobbly. So after a year and a half, I think it’s time we start getting this office into shape. 

A few months ago we started doing a little brainstorming about what a his & her’s shared office makeover might look like. How do we mesh both of our personalities into a 10×10 workspace?  It was a question that made my head spin. I’m notoriously girly and Ryan is polished and sophisticated, so how in the world do you combine the two without painting the room half pink and the other half navy?! Finally, last weekend while Ryan was on a bachelor party trip I sat down, dusted off my interior design degree, and started dreaming up some office solutions for us.

So far this is what I’ve come up with! I love it, but I’m still in the browsing phase. There are still lingering questions like whether we should have the same desk and chairs or not? Or what to repaint the walls, if at all? But honestly, just having a semi idea of what we want is already making me feel like there is hope for us in this “cozy” space. 

I’d love to know what you think! Are you digging the inspiration board? Do you have any his & hers home office advice? I’d LOVE to know! 


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  1. I really like the look you’ve created. We have a shared home office as well. When I first started brainstorming on what I wanted it to look like, I started off with us having our own desks but ran into challenges because of the layout of the room. We don’t have a formal office space “room” in our house, instead we re-purposed the formal living to be our office. Long story short, we now share a desk space and face each other. LOL. We got the Tuscan Return Office Group in grey and LOVE it. We get so many compliments when people visit us. Still working on the chair situation. For right now we are using our dining room chairs because I haven’t decided on a chair. Our original plan was to have matching chairs but maybe we do mis-match?? Decisions, decisions!

    • Hi Vicky! Thank you so much. I love it too, but now we have to figure out how to make it happen! haha!
      Shared home offices are so hard….

      Thank you for your sweet comment! xo

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