Homemade Gift Baskets

Truly The Best Gift

“Hi, my name is Ashley, and I am addicted to the homemade gift basket.” I can’t help it… they are genuinely so much fun to put together, and make any gift, large or small, feel thoughtful and at least semi-handmade. And in my opinion, you can’t beat a homemade gift!

Homemade Gift Baskets
Homemade Gift Baskets

Growing up, we had one rule in our home when it came to Christmas, birthday gifts, etc. for my parents: they had to be handmade. We weren’t allowed to use our allowance, or even when we were older, our paychecks, to buy gifts for our mom and dad–we had to make them. Which, honestly, was so fun. Many a year there were badly glittered Popsicle stick ornaments or wonky macramé pot holders wrapped up under the tree. But there was always something, and it was always special.

So that may be why I have such a soft spot for homemade gifts or even semi-homemade gifts! I tend to think of how I can craft something before I think to buy something. It’s not about the money, it’s about the thought!

But when it comes to hostess gifts, I feel like a homemade gift basket is THE. WAY. TO. GO.

My Gift Basket Must Haves:

  • A Box – You can also use a pretty basket! But I almost always just cut down an old Amazon box and wrap it in pretty wrapping paper. Feels like you are recycling in the best way.

  • Filler Paper – This is what lays the base for any gift basket; it goes under the crinkle paper to give the basket “structure”. Use old newspaper, tissue paper, etc.

  • … and then all of your favorite things! This can be anything from a candle, to books, to homemade treats, to a few fresh flowers, to a bottle of champagne! Seriously, the world is your oyster here!


Favorite Gift Basket Finds

Crinkle Cut Filler - How to Make Homemade Gift Baskets


Crinkle Cut Filler

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Petersham Ribbon


Petersham Ribbon

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Wrapping Paper

Dogwood Hill

Wrapping Paper

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Here are a few of my favorite gift basket filler items:


Well, I was thinking I would type this out for you, but then I realized I have a new reel that will explain everything you need to know! It’s, like, super easy–trust me. 😉

Gift Basket Reel

Hopefully this post gives you a little inspiration on some of your gifts this holiday season! Because if you are anything like me, the party season is officially kicking off this weekend!! *SO* many parties, so little time, and I am so ready for it!

Happy gifting, friends.


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