Good Morning and Welcome to our new online home!!  We hope you will keep coming back to our fabulous new spot for all the etiquette info and tips you’ve come to rely on.

A BIG thank you to everyone who has been so kind regarding our launch of the new site yesterday.  I so appreciate your support and am glad you love the site as much as we do!

Since I feel a little bit like a hostess this week, welcoming people to our new online space, I thought I’d share some tips to being a great host, from Miss Emily Post herself:

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–Invite Clearly: Make sure your invitation conveys all your information your guests will need.  Is the occasion formal or casual?  Are guests permitted? Will dinner be served?
–Plan Well: Thoughtful pre-planning will allow you to enjoy your event.  Prepare what you can ahead of time to lower stress.
–Remain Calm: Your guests will have a better time if they see you are calm and cool.
–Make Guests Feel Welcome: Warmly greet guests and continue to make an effort to make them feel welcome throughout the event.
–Be Flexible: A guest brings an uninvited guest with them…cool? no. But you should be just as gracious to these guests as all your others.
–Be thankful: Always thank your guests for coming.  And don’t forget to thank people who bring you a gift as well.


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