How I Style My Hair: Retro Curls

So simple and so fun!

I cut my hair a few weeks ago and one thing I love about a fresh new cut is learning different ways to style it. To be honest, I really enjoy doing my hair and I have a hot tool obsession… it’s my weakness! (My favorites are here, here, and here.) So I’m always up for using these and trying something new when it comes to styling.

Also, I love a good quick and simple style trick that will give me a lot of look for little effort, and this style does just that! Truly, it’s incredibly easy to accomplish and feels fresh, but in an Old Hollywood way. And in a sea of beach waves, this style will stand out!

ashley brooke hair

Emerson Fry shirt // Monica Rich Kosann locket // Laura Mercier lipstick “Miaia”

Before I get into it, I do want to call out my hair type, because I think that is incredibly important when you are styling your hair… remember to keep your hair type in mind!

My hair is incredibly fine and soft, but is also fairly dense. It may seem great, but honestly, it’s annoying because it won’t hold a style unless I put a lot of work into it! It does one thing really well and that is STRAIGHT. Anyway, that’s why in all of my hair tutorials you’ll see me add A LOT of product. I’m not afraid of product, and if you have fine hair, neither should you! Before I do anything, there’s a good amount of dry shampoo and texture spray involved as a “base”. I have to “grit” up my hair before we can even start. So just keep that in mind!

And second of all, this tutorial is so easy it shouldn’t even really even be a tutorial. You are literally just curling your hair under. That’s IT. But let me show you how it works for me!

Here’s a step by step instagram reel of the entire process!

ashley brooke hair

Section out your hair, and take your 1.5″ curling iron and tuck the ends under!

ashley brooke hair

As you can see here, all I am doing is rolling my hair, similar to a hot roller, all the way up with the curling iron.

ashley brooke hair

Here’s the bottom layer with the ends tucked under.

ashley brooke hair

And here again with another layer!

Seriously, that’s all you do! Just tuck then ends under and take your curling iron all the way to the root, and voila! You’ll have happy, bouncing curls. (And here’s the hair clip I use during… it’s the best.)

Trust me when I say this one is BEYOND simple. Let me know how it works for you!

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  1. Beautiful pictures Monica!! Thanks for sharing step by step instructions on how to do retro curls. You guided us through this so well and made it easy to do in just few minutes.!!

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