How To Create A Happy Fall Bookshelf

It’s the sweetest little corner in our home…

Honestly I’m asked so many questions about this little book nook when I share glimpses, so I thought it deserved its own post! AND (this is exciting!) I’ll also be walking you through all the details on an Amazon Live today at 11 AM. You can watch here and ask all the questions you want. I thought it would be fun to actually show you what I do to make this little spot special!

Everything linked in this Amazon Storefront

Laurens’ nursery is definitely the sweetest spot in our home and I just love how it all came together. It was such a labor of love (see some of the before here!) and we spend so much time in here playing, reading, and just being together.

Books are such a big part of our lives (shameless plug for the Ashely Brooke Book Club!) so I wanted to have a little spot that we could display our seasonal favorites. I loved the small-space solution we came up with once we found wall bookshelves, but actually I didn’t realize how much fun this little corner would be for me to change out and decorate!

everything linked in this Amazon Storefront (except for the rug)

Each season I’ve tried to make a happy home for the books we are reading to Laurens right now, and it’s been fun to see them displayed because truly aren’t little children’s books the most fun?! And Laurens is quite the little book baby, he loves reading so much and it makes my heart so happy.

So I thought I’d give you the full details on how to make a happy book nook in your own home. And tune in on Amazon Live here today at 11 AM to see me work some book magic!

How To Create A Cozy Book Nook

Find Your Bookshelf

First, any bookshelf will work! You don’t need specific wall shelves like we have, you can dress up any bookshelf you already have. (But how cute are these scalloped ones for under $30! And here’s a set of four for under $30.)

Decide On Book Theme

I usually let the seasons guide me here… for example, here is Laurens’ bookshelf all dressed up for Valentine’s Day. So cute, right? Truly, whether it’s seasonal or just a general cohesive theme (trains!) it can be fun to add little touches to bring it all together. Or even rainbows (think lots of full color books), or one single color and using books in all that same color could be really pretty.

Add Accents

The possibilities are endless here! You could add garland, tuck small stuffed animals in the shelves, use hanging decorations, tuck bookmarks on the shelves with the books, even add a few framed quotes from favorite books among the books… honestly this is the fun part! Even throw a bean bag under or beside the bookshelf to snuggle up in. (Our rocker in the nursery is our favorite place to read!)

I hope this was helpful for you! And that you can find a cozy nook to read a book this fall. The best.

P.S. In my first Amazon Live I made a floral centerpiece that is both beautiful and easy, I promise! You can watch here.

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