Ashley Brooke shows how to DIY a manicure at home on with Essie Gel Couture

Essie “Lace Me Up”

You Can Totally Do This!

I’ve been doing at home manicures for as long as I can remeber. Growing up, every Sunday night my mom would give my sister and I a mini mani-pedi for the week ahead. We’d pick out some crazy glitter color and she’d polish us up. It was a Sunday night ritual in our home.

And to make it even sweeter, each year in June my mom would take my sister and I to get manicures and pedicures professionally done at a salon. It was always the HIGHLIGHT of our Summer. My mom, sister, and I all have June birthdays so it was our fun little treat! So all of that to say, manicures hold fond memories for me, and I don’t mind doing them at home at all.

So today I thought I’d share with you my easy step-by-step tutorial of how I achieve a “salon-ish” (NOTHING beats a salon, let’s be real) quality manicure at home!

IGTV DIY Manicure Video!

I just posted a new IGTV taking your through the entire process from start to finish! The color I used in the video is: “Glimpse of Glamour” by Essie, and I did 3 coats. Hope you enjoy!

Watch DIY Manicure Tutorial Here

My Favorite Polish Colors:

Glimpse of Glamour” – The prettiest light pink, “Gossamer Garments“ ““ My go-to Sheer Pink! For a hot pink pedicures ““ “Strike a Rose“

Tools Needed:

Ashley Brooke filing nails for DIY manicure

DIY Manicure Steps

Ashley Brooke soaking nails and cuticles for DIY manicure

Step 1. Trim & File

I trim and file my nails just about every week.  They grow so fast and I like keeping them very short! I usually file my nails in a way that mimics my finger, so mostly rounded!

Step 2. Soak Nails

If I’m not doing my manicure strait out of the bath or shower, soaking your nails in warm soapy water is a MUST! You don’t have to soak them long like, just 3-5 minutes, long enough to soften your cuticles!

Ashley Brooke trimming cuticles and for DIY manicure
Ashley Brooke shows how to do an at-home manicure on

Step 3. Cuticle Control

Once your nails have soaked you can take the cuticle stick to push back your cuticles and then give them a trim! Trimming your cuticles can seem daunting, but it’s so simple! And with a little practice, you’ll be salon status in no-time!

Step 4. Moisturize & Cuticle Oil

Take time to use a heavy hand cream, and really give your hands a bit of TLC. Then break out the cuticle oil. I seriously LIVE for Cuticle Oil! It makes such a huge difference and really helps soften your nail beds and cuticles. Think of it as a moisturizer for your cuticles. I also put it on at night before bed”¦ it really does make a huge difference!

Once you’ve applied cuticle oil and rubbed it in, take a cotton ball and swipe it over your nails to make sure you have a clean slate for the polish!

Ashley Brooke using Essie's Lace Me Up for DIY manicure
Ashley Brooke painting nails for DIY manicure

Step 5. Polish Your Nails

Before polishing, make sure you take a cotton round and use a little nail polish remover to go over your nails. You’ll want to remove the lotion and cuticle oil residue from your painting surface.

One of my favorite things about Essie’s Gel Couture line is that there is no base coat needed, which means faster drying times!! Who doesn’t love that?!

When it comes to painting your nails, everyone has their method. I do a stroke down the center and then a stroke on each side”¦ and two coats at least (sometimes even three!!).

Once I’ve finished the painting process I then go over with a top coat in the same form: center first, then the sides! I also make sure I’m painting the tips/edges of my nails as well to seal it completely. I find that this makes a huge difference!

“¦. Now, dry!

Step 6. Clean Up The Sides

The very last step is to take your nail brush and dip it in a bit of remover and go around the sides of your nail cleaning up any polish! This is the step that will really give you that professional look!

Then, ENJOY!


But now you tell me, have you been doing at home manicures?!


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  1. Ahh thank you! I’ve been needing to give myself this refresh and these tips (plus these gorgeous color options!) are going to be just the ticket! Thanks Ashley!

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