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I’m so excited to finally share with you a step-by-step tutorial of how I do my crown braids. This has been a favorite hairstyle of mine over the years and a go-to for me when my hair is either being totally unruly or needs a good wash! 😉

But don’t be intimidated by this tutorial, with a little bit of practice you can nail this look in no time! Just remember, grab the pieces from the front, and then pull them back. And most importantly, our goal isn’t perfect, our goal is pretty and romantic (aka, a bit messy!). YOU GOT THIS!!

Watch the tutorial below:

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You’ll have to let me know if you try out this tutorial, I’d love to hear how you like it! Post it on stories and tag me @ashleybrooke… I’ll repost them! 😉



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  1. Ok so.. first attempt following along with the video this morning and this is awesome!! Definitely didn’t nail the “crown” look (started too far down near my temples I think, and didn’t use any texturizing spray because I was convinced it wasn’t going to work for me on the first try), but I got this gist and this actually helped me nail two french braids for the first time ever!! haha! Perfect timing since I have to coach Girls on the Run this afternoon in 97-degree weather, so these suckers are staying put today!

    Thanks for an easy to follow, easy to pull off tutorial!

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