It’s Like Treasure Hunting!

Since we haven’t been traveling this Summer, we’ve been taking local afternoon trips whenever we can. We realized that we’ve been living in Orlando for what feels like forever and that there still is so much we haven’t seen, which seems crazy! We plan out our little day trips around a coffee shop, or lunch spot and see what’s around them and go from there. It’s been really fun and something to look forward to during the weeks when we start to get stir crazy! Lately, we’ve been making an effort to change up from our usual places and familiar local spots and try out a new zip code or two.  I can’t recommend it enough!

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If you are like me and have no idea on where to start or how to find a fun local adventure, below are my tried and true, top tips for exploring your own city! I hope they get you started on a grand adventure! 

5 Tips For Exploring Your Own City

1. Find Your Radius: Sit down with a map and figure out your radius! For us, if we are going to do a day-trip then we usually like to be within 1.5 hours from home. So figure out whats doable for you and make your circle!

2. General List: Jot down a list of activities or things you’d like to try. Here’s a few ideas to get you started…find a vegan bakery, try a local coffee shop, pop into a diner for breakfast, browse an antique shop. Make a general list so that when you head to a new zip code you have an idea of things to look for. This is super helpful!

3. Gardens & Museums: Don’t feel bad if the MoMA isn’t in your backyard… sometimes the local history museum can be a fun adventure within itself. Make a list to visit, you’d be surprised how many there actually are. Some of them are so tiny and funny which makes the afternoon all that much more fun. Near me there’s the Morse Museum featuring the largest collection of glass and works by Louis Comfort Tiffany. A little further out there’s Bok Tower Gardens which will take your breath away! There are gems near you, too, I promise!

4. Subscribe Local:  I always forget about looking into what our city is up to.  There are so many free concerts, movie nights, and even yoga in the park. All things we never even thought to think of, so start subscribing to your neighborhood and city events! 

5. No Expectations Allowed: Don’t have expectations, it’s an adventure! It’s supposed to be fun, silly, and at times a little weird. But you’ll never find the hidden gems unless you try! 




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P.S. Local central Florida friends are there any must-see spots?! The quirkier the better! 


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  1. Speaking of cute places in Orlando, have you been to The Glass Knife in Winter Park? My friend just mentioned it to me today and it looks like the most gorgeous bakery.

    briana |

  2. Check out Townie Tourist on Instagram! She scopes all the neat places in Central Florida that you may have missed. Every Saturday, she finds a new place, generally alongside Brendan from Bungalower.

    From kitchy houses filled with old Florida souviners to diners and specialty shops, she gives a lot of local love.

    Don’t miss Mount Dora, Sanford and Winter Garden- they all offer cute walkable downtowns. The Maitland Art and History Museum and gardens offers a lot of picturesque Myan looking spots, too.

  3. My parents live in Tavares, Florida in Lake County about 45 minutes north of the airport. Tavares downtown is nice – sea planes, restaurants, coffee shop, and a great park. Mount Dora is near there – they have a great Mexican restaurant and fun little shops in their downtown area. Can’t wait to visit them again!

  4. We used to do the Laser Light Shows at the Orlando Science Center when we lived in Florida. I also used to love going to all those local coffee shops and scoping them out.

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