It’s the happiest wall in our home…

I get a handful of questions a day regarding how to hang a gallery wall because of ours in the living room and each time it makes me smile! It truly is the happiest wall in our home.

We do spend a good bit of our day in front of this wall pointing out dada, mama, cousin Rose… it’s like a giant picture book of familiar faces and Laurens loves it! It’s the sweetest.

how to hang a gallery wall
J.Crew sweater // Veronica Beard denim (similar here) // J&Josh baby polo

We started the wall when Ryan and I got married in 2014, and hanging the photos was one of our first married projects, which makes me laugh when I look back on it now, because oh was it a doozy! Almost nine years ago there weren’t the how-to templates and guides there are now, so if you are looking for how to hang a gallery wall these days you are in LUCK. It is *significantly* easier.

The frames on our wall are these white wooden ones from Pottery Barn that we adore. We’ve also expanded the wall through the years and it’s been so fun to add a frame here and there.

how to hang a gallery wall

So I thought I’d give you a run down of what worked for us and what we used for our happy home wall!

Where to Print Photos

I have this little printer which I love, but Artifact Uprising does a magnificent job. And I’ve heard great things about Printique! But Framebridge will do all of it this for you… printing and framing all in one!

How to hang a Gallery Wall & Find Frames

Well, there are a few ways… you can eyeball it but I do not recommend that! But we’ve done it! And though it worked in the end, it was much harder in the middle!

You can find your frames from Pottery Barn or West Elm or Target and create your own custom layout. Pinterest has so many great ones! And if you are hanging them yourselves, USE THE PAPER TRICK. This is 100000% worth your time.

But honestly, a lot of places now come with instructions, templates, or ready layouts to save you from the absolute headache it is to hang a gallery wall without. I will say, if I did it again, I’d use Framebridge. It’s like a one-stop-shop. You just upload your photos pick the frames/layouts and they print and deliver it to you. It saves like a million steps. Plus, they have an actual design service which, I mean, is SO helpful.

I hope this post is helpful for you as you start your gallery wall! It really is one of our favorite things in the house. So many memories captured… and I would love to see yours if you try it!


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