How To Host A Wine Tasting Party

A little something to suggest for holiday party games…

Are you hosting a holiday cocktail party this year and wanting to mix it up a bit?! I have a ridiculously easy idea for you… a Blind Wine Tasting Party! It’s the easiest of the holiday party games and involves all your guests, so everyone has the best time. And honestly, who doesn’t love a party with a built-in activity?! This is especially great for parties full of people who may not all know each other, which can sometimes feel, well, awkward.

holiday party games
Fortessa wine glasses (white & red), cocktail plates, flatware c//o // blue & white planter // fringe dress

Ryan is the game person in our house… he loves to play cards or board games, and often encourages guests into a game of some sort, while I’m more of a “let’s sit and chat” kinda gal. But that’s why I love this idea because it marries the two. It’s both a game, but also a great conversation starter. Because who doesn’t want to chat with the person who says, “Oh my gosh, wine number seven is terrible,” when you went back for a second glass of number seven just minutes earlier?! Tell me everything!

holiday party games

Also, I love this idea because it’s S-I-M-P-L-E. Minimal supplies that feel elevated, and you can put a bow on anything to make it feel festive! Plus, you can also break out your favorite stemware, which is always a win.

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holiday party games

We recently (finally!!) got a full set of Fortessa wine glasses after our small collection of glasses had whittled down to ONE. And these glasses from Fortessa are stunning Zwiesel glass, they just SPARKLE. I swear, every time we had friends over we broke a wine glass (sign of a good night!) and we had been serving wine out of jam jars, ha! But like Ryan said last night when we were washing and drying our glasses, “Nothing makes you feel more like an adult than a shelf of good matching stemware.” So true! Plus, these Fortessa glasses felt like the shiny sparkly centerpiece of the party!

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How To Host A Blind Wine Tasting Party


wine (You can supply the wine, but have your guests bring a bottle of their favorite, too! The more the merrier.)

brown paper bags (I just picked these up at our local wine shop. I asked if each bottle could be bagged and if I could pay for an extra handful!)

gift tags & string

sharpies & pens


note cards or the fancy printable I made for you (for taking wine notes)

wine glasses



Guys, this is so easy! Just bag the wine bottles as they arrive, add a few tasting notes and regions on the brown paper, number the gift tags, and you’ve got yourself a Blind Wine Tasting party!

To take it up a notch, print out these fun little “wine notes” I made to have on hand for your guests… and at the end of the night you can reveal the wine. And I can almost guarantee your guests will have found a new favorite!

ashley brooke blog
holiday game party

This is also such a fun way to get your neighbors together. Very low key, but also really intentional, which is the best kind of party, in my opinion.

And it goes without saying, but it you are looking to update your stemware this holiday season, these Fortessa wine glasses are truly so beautiful. I love the fresh silhouette and the fine stem… they just feel grown up in such a good way, you know!? Also, 6 for under $100 is a great price and would be so fun to pop under the tree as a gift this year.

Use code AshleyBrooke20 for 20% off everything at Fortessa!

holiday party games

So cheers, friend! I hope this idea sparks a little creativity for you as think about your holiday party games and add in some fun. Also, let me know if you try this, would love to see how you make it happen!

Thank you, Fortessa for sponsoring this post. We just love your stemware!


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