How To Make A Hostess Gift Basket

Just a bit of holiday party prep…

I am so excited about this post! I’ve had this idea in my head for a while now and I just think it’s so brilliant (ha!), but let me tell you why. Our holiday calendar is filling up FAST and I am the first one to RSVP yes. I love a party and will always try to find a way to make it happen. But by the time the actual party rolls around we are inevitably rushing out the door 15 minutes late, because LIFE, and then I panic… I don’t have a hostess gift!

Guys, just typing this out makes me sweat.

So there we are, swinging through the closest wine shop so Ryan can run in and pick up a bottle (along with some unfortunate looking wrapping) while I stay in the car and finish my makeup… and now we are even more late and both sweating. It’s a total scene, if I’m being honest. So this year, I AM ON TOP OF IT.

I made a hostess grab-and-go gift basket, so I am ready… and this may be some of my finest work yet. I reviewed our upcoming holiday calendar (along with last year’s) to see what kind of parties we usually attend and about how many, and jotted down that number (along with notes like two fancy, two daytime, two kids, etc.) and took that with me to Target to shop.

Here’s my hostess gift guide so you could always use any of these thoughtful little gifts, too!

Because I planned this all out early, I was able to pull together really thoughtful and beautiful hostess gifts for the handful of parties we typically attend during the season.

I made little gift bundles, tied them up with ribbon (how cute is this?!), and popped them all into a basket that will sit in our laundry room. Now, when we are rushing out the door, I’ll just grab a hostess gift from the basket, and it’ll be one I’m actually proud to give!

Not only will this save us time and energy, but I also think it will save us money as well. Each little bundle ranges from $12-20 in total, which is wild! But they really do feel expensive and far more thoughtful. I’m just so thrilled they all came together like I envisioned! And I feel like I’ve checked one stressful thing off my list and made it fun.

What I Bought From Target:
4 Easy Hostess Gift Bundles
Sophisticated & Sparkly

Love this for a dinner party! I paired a bottle of Prosecco with this pretty dragon fly ornament and star ornament, and topped it with a bow. Feels sophisticated and special, but it’s also under $20 total.

Bright & Fresh

This one just makes me smile! Perfect for popping over to a friends house for a holiday soirée (like a cookie swap) and bring this! Dish soap, pear ornament, and a cute little dish towel (exact one not online yet). Under $12 total.

Fun & Colorful

This one screams kid’s party to me and I love it! Truthfully it may be my favorite one, the colors are just really good! Box of cookie mix, llama ornament, cute napkins, and festive ribbon! Under $13 (not including ribbon!).

Cozy & Sweet

This one feels like a great Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving hostess gift. Chia Tea Latte (a favorite of mine!), cozy napkins, and the sweetest swan ornament… and under $10 total.

I just love this idea and feel like you could take it and translate it for a lot of things. Just a simple way of making something that matters (to me!) a lot less overwhelming and truthfully really FUN.

If you end up putting together your own basket, I’d LOVE to see what you come up with! Make sure to tag me on Instagram so I can re-share.

Photography by Sally Watson


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  1. These are all so cute and doable! Easy to find/substitute for different seasons and within a good price range. Love, love, love!

  2. Yeees!! I’ve been doing a similar thing (as also don’t want to gift that awful bottle of fine from the corner shop) but far less organised and pretty than this! Thank you for some great ideas I will implement pronto!!

  3. I love it. I have already bought some of the gifts that you have suggested in your gift guides for the holidays but now I will needed to prepare the gifts for the gatherings.

  4. Thank you!!
    Absolutely LOVE these ideas! Perfect price range. A little time now & saves sooo much time & stress & probably money later.

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