Dolly's Bow Collar DIY -


Because it’s Cute. 

One of the top questions I’ve received recently is “who make’s Dolly’s bow collar?”  I have to laugh every time because I made it and it literally cost under $4.00 when it was all said and done!  When we picked Dolly at the breeder’s home we actually had to wait a week and a half before officially bringing her home since.  She was still too little to be away from her momma, so I busied myself those 10 days with projects like this one. 

I knew I wanted Dolly to wear a bow, but her puppy hair was just too short at the time (and honestly, still kind of is, ha!) to put one on her head, so I thought I’d make one to wear around her neck. I picked up all of the supplies at Walmart one evening and the grand total between the ribbon and collar was $3.79! Honestly, I had no idea if it would work or if she would tolerate the bow, but so far so good! She doesn’t mind and it looks so stinking cute.


Dolly's Bow Collar DIY -


So I thought I’d do a little DIY video and show you how to recreate this adorable collar for your furry friend! I hope you enjoy the video and definitely let me know if you are interested in more crafts. I love doing them and am always working on some sort of project! 


Watch DIY: How to Make Dolly’s Bow Collar
Dolly's Bow Collar DIY -


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P.S. Dolly’s been wearing her collar since the day she came home! I’ve hand washed it a few times because she loves to roll around in the dirt, but so far it has held up and cleans really well!




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