How To Pack A Diaper Bag

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I’ve asked a few of my friends to pop in for a guest post while I’m busy soaking up all those newborn snuggles! I’m sure you follow most of these amazing women who will be sharing, but if you don’t, you are in for a real treat!

I’m SO excited to have my sister and her expertise for a guest post today… y’all are in for a real treat! Kyla is amazing at many many things, but one area of life where she really S-H-I-N-E-S is organization. She’s quite possibly the most prepared person I’ve ever met, it’s a true gift. And we couldn’t be any more different! I’m a “let’s-just-see-what-happens” kind of gal and she’s the “I’m-prepared-for-every-possible-scenerio” type of gal. So together, we are make a pretty good pair… she’s forever keeping me out of trouble!

When it came to putting together *my* diaper bag, I knew I needed her help, and to be honest with you, she organized and packed the heck out of that thing. Ryan has even said to me multiple times, “Your sister is seriously talented!”… we’ve been out and about and needed something random for Laurens that she thought to pack for us and I never would have included. (Thanks, Kyla!) I’m so excited to share her wisdom with you today and I know no one better… enjoy! xx

No Trip Is Too Short For A Blanket (What’s in My Toddler Diaper Bag)

Guest post by: Kyla Jicha (Ashley Brooke’s sister!)

Prepared to a fault is usually how I roll, but the first pediatrician visit only days after my Evie Rose was born I stared the “oh no, I definitely forgot the…” right in the face. It wasn’t a terrrrrible mishap, but enough for this rule follower to get all but scolded about bringing a blanket with baby EVERYWHERE. The pediatrician looked me straight in the eye and said, “No trip is too short for a blanket.” (Insert crickets sound effect here.) Okay, point taken. 

I now like to keep an aggressively prepared bag of all.the.things nearby and just grab my phone, keys, and wallet when we jump out of the car. We are currently using this pink nylon number that I commissioned my talented friend Lindsey to embroider and add my Stoney Clover patch. And the bags in bags is really what is key here! I love my kit system because I am a bag switcher and can easily transfer all.the.things nicely and neatly into my Neverfull MM or truly any other similarly sized tote.

So, here’s a quick breakdown of what we keep in our “diaper bag” for our 1 year old!

Always In The Diaper Bag


(not generally in a separate pouch, so all are easily accessible)

blanket (obviously)
extra bow
portable sound machine
alcohol-free hand sanitizing wipes for baby
baby sunscreen
Evie Rose’s water bottle
keys with attached card case

(*Tip: At this point you could truly choose one or the other on the sweater or the blanket situation, but I never plan on being at the receiving end of THAT lecture again so I have both!)


(packed in the pink Disney Stoney Clover mini pouch)

Clif bar for dad
Bobo’s bar for mom
Cerebelly bar and Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies for Evie Rose

To be totally honest, there were more snacks in here as I was snapping a few photos but we had a very cute snack thief grabbing tasty treats and dancing around the room!

ashley brooke sister

Toddler First Aid/Medicine

(packed in vintage ABD bow pouch, but size wise you could also use a Stoney Clover mini pouch)

Children’s Motrin
Children’s Tylenol
Children’s Benadryl
teething gel (non-medicated)
bug patches in a sealed bag 
medicine dose syringe 
disposable adhesive placemat (for restaurants)

(*Tip: Empty a travel Q-tip container to house small medical accoutrements. And if the medicine bottles are giant, decant into these glass bottles and be sure to label with name and expiration date.)


(packed in a Simplified Planner Pouch)

Coloring book of sorts (we love Crayola Color Wonder for the no mess!)
Crayola Color Wonder markers (we also love Water Wow books and brushes)
Drawing tablet (we love this one!)
Tiny princesses for playing
Maileg Mouse friend

(*Tip: Rotate the coloring books, Water Wows, and tiny toys you have to keep interest!)

Mom Personal Items

(packed in pink and white Stoney Clover Mini pouch)

lip gloss
lip stick
lip liner
lip balm (seeing a trend here)

Diaper Necessities

(packed in Fawn Designs diaper clutch)

changing pad
3 diapers
zippy of wipes
Munchkin arm and Hammer baggies (for the dirty ones!)


Kyla Jicha

Follow Kyla here for your daily dose of girly, organized, momma-fun! She’s the best of the best!

Thank you, Kyla, for all your mama tricks and tips! I need them all!


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  1. I just love this post as I’m constantly wondering what I need in my diaper bag. What pink nylon diaper bag does your sister use in the photos? Thanks!

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