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False Eyelashes, They’re Easier Than You Think!

Before any fancy event, girl’s night, or concert you can always find my bathroom full of my closest girlfriends, each in line to get their false eyelashes on! After years and YEARS of dance competitions, I can pretty my put them on in my sleep, which means I’m the girl putting everyone else’s lashes on…. which I kind of love! I always did want to be a makeup artist so I figure this is just about as close as I’ll get! 

My very favorite trick is to wear the individual lashes instead of the “strip lash” because, to me, it looks a bit more natural…

How to Wear False Eyelashes

Putting on false eyelashes can certainly be intimidating, but today I’m taking all the mystery out of the process. I’ll walk you through which ones to buy, what glue to use, and my favorite application techniques! After you watch this video, you’ll be the girl putting on everyone’s lashes, I promise!


Watch: The Easiest Way To Wear False Eyelashes
Ashley Brooke's YouTube Tutorial on False Eyelashes - Ashley Brooke Designs


What You Need:



Draper James Top (old, similar here) // Ardell Individual Lashes // Tweezerman Tweezers // Duo Eyelash Glue // Laura Gellar Eyeliner



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  1. You explain the process so well! I have wanted to be able to apply false lashes ever since seeing the huge difference they made when I had my makeup done for my wedding. I bought the glue and then…not sure how to do it. Now I know, I’m excited to put them on for a party we have to go to this weekend. Thank you! xAllie

    • Allie!!

      HAhahha! You can do it, friend, I believe in you!!! Let me know how it goes!

      xo – AB

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