Video: How To Style Short Hair

I’m loving my new haircut (chop, chop!)…

I’m back with a new YouTube video on how to style short hair! I’m sharing all about my new haircut and color because I just love a good chop… and since this video was shot I’ve cut another 1/2″-ish off and honestly, I can’t stop. I’ve said this before, but when you start cutting your hair it becomes totally addicting! Every time I go in I find myself saying, “Just a tiny bit more!” Truthfully, shorter hair is just so fun. And I feel like the opposite of what you may think to be true… the styling options are endless.

In this video I walk you through how to style short hair, what I ask for when getting my hair cut and highlighted, and how I’m wearing my sleek bob these days. I hope you are enjoying these videos as much as I am making them! My last video with my everyday makeup tutorial went live a few weeks ago in case you missed it!

And I would love to know what video you’d like to see next!

(If you’re into a more curled look, here’s how I hot roll my hair when it’s a bit longer, and how I style my hair with retro curls.)

how to style short hair

Have you ever done a major chop? I’m feeling like I may keep my hair this short for a while! I really do love it!

Watch Here

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