DIY Tie-Dye Shirt // J.Crew Denim //Veja Sneakers 

DIY Crop Top Tie-Dye Tee’s

First, let me just say, I had forgotten just how much fun tie-dye is…. it’s an actual blast. We used to tie-dye everything as a kid, but gosh, I haven’t done it in years. This past Saturday I busted out my $14 kit and $11 t-shirts and got lost in the project. If you are looking for something fun to do, I would HIGHLY recommend this! You can quite literally tie-dye everything. It’s a two day process and involves delayed gratification, but it’s well worth the wait.

I’m not usually a tie-dye person, but recently I’ve been seeing tie-dye everything and I just kept thinking to myself, I could totally do that. After watching a few YouTube tutorials I was totally up for the challenge.

DIY Tie-Dye in process on
Ashley Brooke's Tie-Dye patterns
How to Tie-Dye Resources and Notes:

Buy these:

Do this:

  • Wash and dry your garment first!!
  • I watched this video which I found to be extremely helpful. I felt like I needed to see someone else do it first and then it was SUPER easy!
  • I used this blog post to find different patterns and folding techniques, which was super helpful.
  • The color will fade, so if it seems too dark at first, don’t worry… once you rinse out the dye the color should fade quite a bit!
  • This process is extremely messy! The dye will get on ALL the things, ha! I’d recommend doing it in the grass/outside if you are able.
  • Once you dye you have to wait 6-12hrs. I had totally forgot about that! I ended up leaving mine over night, and was thrilled with the results.
  • Prepare to be addicted!!! Now I want to tie-dye everything in sight!

I hope you get the chance to try this out sometime in the next few weeks. Whether you need a project for yourself or kids, I promise this one will not disappoint! It really is something to do with your hands. Fingers crossed you enjoy it as much as I did.

P.S. Keep an eye out on instagram, I’ll be posting a time-lapse of the entire process later today!


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  1. Wow. Those turned out perfect..
    Like everything you do always fun to see what you will find next! P. S. Loved loved the Daisy chain idea. Cute and affordable for these times. Thanks hun!

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