How to wear a Bandana Scarf | h
How to wear a Bandana Scarf |

Let’s Tie The Knot!

I have a new accessory in my life, the bandana. I have literally no idea why it has taken me THIS long to get into the trend, but I’m officially into it. I’ve always been into scarves, but never bandanas until my sister started wearing them non-stop. She started showing up places with the cutest little bandana and I began dealing with some serious FOMO.  So, I bought a few of my own and decided to give the trend a whirl. 

To be honest, it was love at first wear. Not only does a bandana make you feel just a bit sassy, it also adds a lot of character to a normally plain outfit. It’s such an easy and inexpensive way to add a little pop! 

Madewell Top (on sale!) // Talbots Denim // Talbots Boots // Madewell Bandana // Talbots Bag 

One of my favorite places to shop for bandanas is Madewell. They have tons and TONS of them and not a single one is over is over $25 (most are in the $9 range). So if you are wanting to dip your toe in, there’s not a lot of risk!

5 Ways To Wear a Bandana

Now that I’ve convinced you to order a handful (or two ;)) let’s talk about how to wear them. Below are my top five ways I like to sport my bandanas… I thought it would be fun to sketch up little diagrams of my favorite ways so you too can get your bandana on! I hope these little illustrations are fun and helpful! 

The Neck

This is what I call the “cute flight attendant” look and by far my favorite of the moment! 

How to Wear a Bandana Scarf - 01
How to Wear a Bandana Scarf - 01

The Bun

Such a pretty way to fancy up that messy bun and distract from all the dry shampoo!


The Bag

I’m all about the bag scarf! It’s such a great way to add a little more color (see here) and personality to an outfit. Definitely try this one! 

How to Wear a Bandana Scarf - 01

The Head

My sister is the queen of the scarf headband and it always looks so adorable on here! I’m definitely putting this one on my to-try list!


The Pony

I think this is the most romantic look of them all. My hair may not be quite long enough anyomore to pull this off, but if yours is… this one is a must! 


Ok, which is your favorite?? Have you tried any of these before? As always, if you have any ideas on other ways to wear a bandana, leave them in the comments below so we can all see! 🙂 


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