I Cut My Hair, And These Are The Tools I’m Using!

Here’s how I’m styling my new look…

Last week I walked into my hair appointment and said, “Cut it!”. Honestly she caught me on a day where I was just so over my hair… I couldn’t stand it long any longer! (Here’s the first glimpse!) Plus, I just felt like I needed something *fresh* and I’m so glad I did it.

Truthfully, it’s not THAT drastic of a change, but we did cut a good 4+ inches off, so it wasn’t totally insignificant. And I really do love it.

ashley brooke hair

Claude sweater ($20!) c/o

But after any haircut, it takes a minute to learn how to style the new ‘do, and I’m always tweaking things here and there. On Sunday I used my curling iron (see it styled here), which I typically like… but with this cut, I felt like it needed something a bit more “undone,” so I pulled out my straightener the next day to achieve a more beach-y look.

Although, I’ve need to tell you, I HATE my straightener. I’ve had it since my freshman year in college (I know, I know!), so I’m thinking it’s more than time for a new one. I saw that Nordstrom currently has my favorite hot tool brand on sale… I have this and these, both are amazing, but the straightener is calling my name. Do we think it may be time for an upgrade? Please say yes!

But all in all, I’m really enjoying my fun new cut to style! It’s even making me want to jump back into my Ashley Brooke hair YouTube tutorials! Nothing better than being re-inspired with your own look.

P.S. You can always find all of my favorite hair and beauty products here!

The Hair Product Rundown…

Shampoo & Conditioner — I use either DAE or Living Proof Full (currently on sale).

Blow Dryer — It’s ridiculously expensive but I love it SO much.

Heat Protectant — Bumble and Bumble, truly the best (currently on sale).

Straightener — I need this one because mine is from the dark ages.

Curling Iron(s) — I’m obsessed with my GHD 1 1/4th and I also have this CHI 1.5″ for a bigger wave.

Dry Shampoo — The one and only… Living Proof, I love you so much.

Dry Texture Spray — I go through CANS of this Bumble and Bumble spray. Truly the best.

Hair Spray — I’ve used this for years and years. So good.

Silk Scrunchie — I sleep in one of these Slipp scrunchies every night. Makes a HUGE difference in extending the life of my blow out. If you get one thing, make it this.



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  1. Super cute! Please tell us about the cut. Is it straight cut across or layered? Did you do any layers around your face? Thanks!

  2. Cheers to the new YOU! Your hair is so refreshing and now with Lauren’s in your life, it will be even easier to take care of on those crazy mornings. I LOVE IT! What a great choice of cuts….. 🙂

  3. I love your hair! I just did something similar to you and now I feel it is too short to use the Dyson air warp and curling iron. Could you do a tutorial on how you use the straightener to achieve your look above? I will take your advice and get the one you recommend and would love to know how to use it 🙂
    PS- Laurens is gorgeous! So happy for you 🙂

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