I Found The Most Amazing Home Garden Course!

How does your garden grow?

We all know I love flowers and gardening, and about a month ago I was introduced to Halden. Immediately I was *so* impressed! It’s everything I need to really garden garden. I shared a bit in the Saturday newsletter a few weeks ago, but honestly, Halden warrants its own blog post, mostly due to its home garden course.

Halden home garden course

I often get questions about gardening, and truthfully, I have NO IDEA what I’m doing. I plant what I like and think are beautiful, and if they grow, fabulous! If they die, I take them out and replace them. I am by no means a traditional gardener, I just really REALLY like flowers.

Halden home garden course
Halden home garden course

And so do Sara and Mitchell! They’re the founders of Halden, and their goal is to show gardeners what to grow in order to help them have an amazing experience growing their own food and flowers. Exactly what I need!

They’ve created some of the most amazing courses for home gardeners I’ve ever seen. They are so incredibly helpful, detailed, and inspiring, showing you just how beautiful your garden can be. And they truly make it so easy to follow along… with plenty of encouragement that anyone can grow a garden!

So if you are anything like me and are a hobby gardener, but want to learn more from a home garden course, Halden is where to start.

Halden Home Garden Course

Gardening can be really overwhelming and finding helpful information on growing is tough to find. Even Halden’s blog is a great resource, full of useful tips and tricks! But their home garden course is really what makes them so special. From basic knowledge on soil and water, to seeds and growing both flowers and vegetables, you’ll learn the best methods to become an expert gardener! (And the course is on discount right now leading into summer growing months!)

Halden also offers so many beautiful things in their online shop! From seeds and bulbs, to supplies, to homeware, it’s all so beautifully curated and designed.

Truly, Halden is a little slice of heaven for me. I just love everything they do.


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