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Let’s Get Poppin’!

Yes, it’s true. I am completely and utterly addicted to popcorn and it is my mother’s fault. 

So, here is the deal for those of you who do not know (I briefly blogged about it last month)… growing up when my sister and I would come home from school at around 3:30 my mom would have a fresh bowl of popcorn and a bowl of strawberries sitting on the kitchen table waiting for us. We would drop our backpacks off at the front door and make a beeline straight for the kitchen table. My mom, sister, and I would sit down for no more than 15-20 minutes, snack on popcorn, and debrief on the days happenings… you know, girl talk. And then we would gather our things, I would change for dance class and we were off until the late evening! We did this from as early as I can remember till I left for college so for me popcorn is comfort food. Also, weirdly enough right around 3:00 each day I start to crave popcorn! It’s funny because both my mom and my sister do too, and often times we will text each other photos of our 3:00 popcorn bowls or my mom will call for a quick 10 minute chat. So for me popcorn gives me all the feels, plus its extra healthy (at least the way I make it!) and it’s just SO GOOD. 

So today I am finally going to teaching you all my popcorn secrets… 

Ashley Brooke Designs - Popcorn


It’s literally the easiest thing to make, like ever, but you do need a few things that you can not substitute, and one of those things is a WhirlyPop. 

The WhirlyPop will change your popcorn life. Get one right now on Amazon, you can write me a thank you card later!

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Okay so here is what you do:

1. Place the WhirlyPop on the stove and turn it to high.

2. Melt about 2-ish tablespoons of coconut oil and pour in enough kernels that each kernel looks like it’s covered in oil.

Then stand by….

3. As soon as the popcorn starts to pop, start turning the handle!

4. Once the popping slows down, you’ll hear it, just dump it into a BIG bowl!

5. And lastly, top it is crushed pink sea salt.

I’m telling you this easy recipe will change your afternoons! 

You’ll have to let me know if you try it out! 

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  1. Thanks for suggesting coconut oil! I normally use canola, but I had some coconut oil on hand and it made my house smell amazing while I was making popcorn!

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