Ice Ice Baby!

Let’s be real: if you are going to be fancy, you might as well be allllll the way fancy and make even your ice cubes pretty. 

Honesty hour: these photos on Pinterest have been haunting me, and I just had to try it out for myself because, hello! This is quite possibly the easiest recipe of all time–boil water, pour into mold, place fruit inside mold, freeze, and enjoy. And if there is anything I enjoy besides fanciness… it’s easiness! So, I thought I’d give it a whirl. 


HOLY, they turned out so pretty. I have declared that from now on there will only be fruity ice cubes in our house, because why not give your freezer a good ole’ fashioned makeover?


Make these ASAP. Trust me, the require Z-E-R-O effort and your friends will think that you are the Queen of England. #fact. 



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