Every once in a while you will receive an invitation that requests a certain type of attire to be worn. Sometimes the dress requested is so confusing that you end up wearing the wrong thing entirely, example: what in the world is “Creative Black Tie”?
Well, worry no more, I have found the answers!
White Tie
Men: Black tailcoat, matching trousers, stiff white winged collard shirt, white vest, white bow tie, white or gray gloves, and black dress socks.
Women: Formal evening gown
Black Tie
Men: Black tuxedo jacket, stiff white collard shirt, black cummerbund, black bow tie, dressy suspenders (optional), and black dress socks.
Women: Formal evening dress or short, dressy cocktail dress
Black Tie Optional
Man: Either a tuxedo (“Black Tie” above) or dark suit with white shirt, conservative tie.
Women: formal evening dress; short, dressy cocktail dress or dressy separates.
Creative Black Tie
Man: Tuxedo combined with trendy or whimsical items, such as a black shirt or a matching colored or patterned bow tie and cummerbund; black patent or dressy black leather shoes and black dress socks.
Women: Formal evening gown, dressy cocktail dress or dressy separates; with accessories.
Men: Dark, dressy business-type suite, with or without a matching vest, white shirt, conservative ties; dressy leather shoes and dress socks.
Women: short afternoon or cocktail dress or long, dressy skirt and top.

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