small cook-out{we heart it}

Sometimes parties come on suddenly, like our impromptu Cinco De Mayo fiesta!  In cases such as these it is perfectly fine to invite people in a more casual manner.  However, all of the same important information that would be on a printed invitation should be included in your telephone call, email or hand written note.  If you are worried someone won’t receive your call, voicemail or email, you write them a little note and slip it in their mailbox with all the pertinent details.  Something like this would be great:

Dear Amy,

Harry and I are having people over for a barbecue and to play board games tomorrow night at 7pm.  I know it’s last minute but we would really love for you to come, I know how much you love playing Buzz Word!  Feel free to bring a friend if you like.  You can call me at 234-5678.



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