Wow! I can’t believe its already November, where does the time go?? The start of November means the holidays are right around the corner. I thought I would do a couple of posts this week with some tips for planning ahead for the holidays.

Being a stationery designer, Christmas/Holiday cards immediately come to mind. Its never to too early to get your cards and photos squared away. If you plan on using a photo in your holiday card its definitely time to get those pictures taken if you haven’t already (if you need inspiration go to Blue Eyed Bride and check out how absolutely adorable the Carroll family is!!). Then its time to find that perfect card. If you are commissioning a designer (like moi!), all the more important to start early as possible in order to avoid missing out because their design schedule is full. If you are ordering cards from a store or website, allow enough time for delivery and for you to address them and get them out. Giving yourself an extra week never hurts, in case something comes up or there is a delivery problem. When you do select your cards, be sure and put them on your blogs, so I can see!!


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