Cute, Right?!

Can you believe it, the January download is officially here,  only a mere 10 days late. Whoops! Many of you have been so sweet to message me and ask for the new download, and it made my day every single time I opened up one of those e-mails or DMs. 

I’ve never been late to publishing the downloads in over eight years, EIGHT. That’s 96 free downloads people, NINETY SIX!! Personally, I think that’s enough to make anyone’s brain crazy.

To be honest with you, when I sat down to work on January’s download back in December, I was less than enthused about it. I was, quite frankly, exhausted with the downloads…. did anyone even like them!? What did I want this year to be about?! How will I do another twelve?! 

But then I started getting all your e-mails and I realized you DO like them! So I went back to the drawing board!

Last year was all about the monthly calendar and the pattern, but 2019 seemed like it needed something new. I didn’t quite know what that was so I tabled it again….

Trying Something New

I was drawing a complete blank. Creative ruts are the worst. Anyway, Ryan and I talked about them for a while and he mentioned how much he liked the quotes instead of the calendar. And I was like… innnnteresting. So I began asking around and it seemed that many of my girlfriends were in agreement with him. They kept saying, “we already have a calendar, bring back the quotes!”

So with fresh new confidence I whipped up this for you!

I realize it’s different from what we’ve had in the past, but I really like it! Fresh, simple, encouraging, and fun. You will also be able to swap out quotes regardless of the month.  I’m still playing around with it… so be patient with me while I figure out this new 2019 groove. But in the meantime I hope you love this fresh new freebie,  that it makes your work day brighter and your tech a bit sassier!

Happy (belated) January, friends! xx

Mobile Version:

Click Here to Download

Desktop Version:

Click Here to Download

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  1. Love it! But I miss your calendar free download. Used to put it on my phone home screen wallpaper. Found some calendar wallpaper on pinterest but still prefer your designs. They’re irreplaceable:)

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