Without a Hitch

Our First Book of 2022

Happy January friends! There is nothing like a new year and a new book to boot. And this month is extra special because we are reading a book co-authored by a friend of mine! I started Without a Hitch and honestly, giggled my way through the whole thing. It was pure delight! This book is going to start us off on the right foot this year, I’m sure of it.

Ashley Brooke


Without a Hitch

Mary Huddleston & Asher Fogle Paul

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Quick Summary

Lottie Jones has landed a new job at top tier event planning firm. Before she knows it she is coordinating million dollar weddings with out of control bridesmaids and elaborate 10 tier cakes. Eventually her boss decides to open a second office and Lottie sees this as her opportunity to really make her mark. Everything gets turned up a notch including Lottie’s quest to find love and find herself.

About The Author

Mary Huddleston is the cofounder and creative director of Please Be Seated, the premier event rental company in Nashville, Tennessee. Mary and her husband started the business in 2014 and now have more than 30 employees servicing events nationwide. Mary started her career as an event coordinator in Dallas, Texas, initially at Diamond Affairs Weddings and Special Events, and later at the nationally recognized Todd Events, where she helped launch their wedding division. In 2018 Mary established Mrs. Southern Social, a lifestyle platform focused on modern entertaining at home. She has 50K Instagram followers and has been featured in Southern Living, Southern Lady, StyleBlueprint, and NFocus Magazine. Without a Hitch is her first novel.

Wihtout a Hitch is Asher Fogle Paul’s debut novel. A former human interest and entertainment journalist, she most recently served as digital features editor at Good Housekeeping. Asher has also held posts at Us Weekly, People and Readers’ Digest, and her work has been published in Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, Esquire, House Beautiful, Elle and W, among others. Asher has an MS in magazine journalism from Columbia University, a BA in English from Texas Christian University, and a deep-seated addiction to iced coffee. She lives in New York City with her husband and three young children.

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Why we chose it

From the editors

I received an advance copy of this book back in September and I flew through it! You will be hooked from chapter one. It’s hysterical!

Ashley Brooke

I am so excited for year 4 of book club! And this book is such a fun romp of a way to kick it off. You are going to love these over the top, wacky wedding details–they had me rolling with laughter!


You are going to love starting 2022 off with this hilarious book! I seriously loved it so much.


Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!


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  1. As a born and raised dallasite I must’ve not read the authors bios closely before starting this book – but it was such a pleasant surprise! So fun hearing about all the local places in story form and guessing who Cedric was loosely based off of 😉 a fun read for sure!

  2. LOVED this book so much! I finished it last night and I didn’t want it to end! I loved Lottie’s character, all of the weddings and was so curious how her love triangle was going to play out! I was routing for the one she ended up with all along! The ending seemed to leave us hanging for a second book, one can hope!! Mary is hilarious and I felt like I could hear her while reading! Great pick AB! I have followed Mary on IG for a while and she is a GREAT follow!

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